Use nicotine free Ziban

Use the prescribed  Ziban tablet to quit smoking. Quit your smoking habit and regain your health.  Without nicotine craving and without weight gain.

Lessening the effect of nicotine withdrawal this product makes quitting more bearable.

How does Ziban work?

The active ingredient is bupropion. The product is also used as an antidepressant but at a higher level of intake.

For depression, it is sold under a different name.

The manufacturers Glaxosmithkline makes such a “right time” program available. Coping with withdrawal is easier.

Nicotine triggers the release of the brain chemical called dopamine. The feelings of pleasure that a smoker associates with smoking is then triggered.

This stop smoking product does the same. It keeps dopamine levels high, and it satisfies the quitter. The nicotine cravings are largely reduced.

How to use the quit smoking pill:

It is best to start treatment while you are still smoking.

A two-month treatment course is used. A stop date is normally set for the second week of the course. This is because approximately one week is required to reach steady-state blood levels of the active ingredient.

This quit smoking product works best if a patient has access to a support program for assistance.

Benefits associated with the stop smoking pill:

The product does not contain any toxic nicotine.

The fact that Zyban is prescribed by a doctor gives you more piece of mind when used.

Toll-free telephone support is available, and a self-help manual is included.

Words of caution:

Wellbutrin SR (sustained release), as it is also known, is a prescription drug. It is necessary to consult a doctor before using the quit smoking pills.

The pill is not recommended for persons under the age of eighteen. See that you store the pills where children cannot reach it.

Zyban side effects:

  • Some side effects such as dizziness, insomnia, headaches, agitation and change in appetite are possible.
  •  A more serious and rare side effect such as seizure is possible.

More or less only 10% of people taking the pills have to stop taking it due to side effects.

Still it is wise to consult with a physician and make sure that the leaflets included are properly studied.

Zyban vs Chantix:

If you compare these pills to Chantix, it is so that Chantix could be a fraction better.

The downside as far as Chantix is concerned is that the side effects associated with Chantix are much worse. It could be that you suffer less when using Zyban.

In a conclusion:

This quit smoking product has been proven very effective. Health risks associated with smoking are largely reduced, and years of healthy living will be gained. Surely it is worth giving a try.

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