Zero smoke uses ear acupuncture to stop

Zero smoke uses ear acupuncture to quit easy and without any side effects.

The ear acupuncture is used to stimulate the production of neurotransmitters in the brain.

That eliminates  your desire to smoke and it becomes  possible to quit smoking within one month.

How does Zero Smoke work?

Two small magnets are placed opposite each other on a predetermined point on the left ear.

The position is indicated by the instruction and usage guide that is included.

The body’s neurotransmitters are activated, and endorphins are produced. This ear acupuncture reduces your desire to smoke and your cravings will fade away.

The magnets are kept in place by attraction and there is no risk of the magnets falling off.

Also, 24K gold castings are used to protect you against any allergic reactions.

How to use the magnets:

Two magnets of different size are included. The larger magnet must be placed behind the ear and the smaller one in front.

The magnets should be used for three to four hours per day for six days. It is best to use the magnets when you are at home or at a time when you are calm.

During this time, you are allowed to keep on smoking as usual. On day seven, you will be able to stop with ease.

The magnets must be carried for another 20 to 25 days. This completes the cycle and helps you to become and stay smoke free forever.

Normally at the end of one month the desire to smoke will be gone, and it will not be necessary to wear the magnets any more.

Facts worth mentioning about zerosmoke:

  • This natural quit smoking method will last for a lifetime and never need to be replaced. Whenever you feel an urge to smoke again, you can immediately use your magnets.
  • This is one of the easiest self-help solutions for nicotine addiction.
  • A money back guarantee is included.
  • It is claimed that since 2004 more than two million people all over the world have already benefited from the use of this ear acupuncture.
  • With Zero Smoke a success rate of more than 80% is claimed. 

Words of caution about the quit smoking magnets:

  • Read all the terms before purchasing the product.
  • If in the beginning, you feel the magnet uncomfortable to use it is better wearing it only for two hours and then gradually increase the time.
  • One must look well after the magnets and keep it in a safe place. It should also be kept out of reach of children.
  • When pregnant it is best not to use the product.
  • Keep the magnets at a distance from tapes, credit cards and computer hard disks.
  • Persons who use defibrillators, pacemakers implanted insulin pumps, or any other form of electro-medical devices should not use the magnets. 

Side effects associated with ZeroSmoke:

The ear acupuncture makes quitting easy and without any side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

In a conclusion:

With Zerosmoke, no needles are used, and your desire to smoke will be eliminated. 

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