Yoga Can Help You Quit Smoking

by Ryan Rivera

If you are a smoker, you know why you need to quit. Studies and research show just how smoking affects your body. These reminders are everywhere. The real challenge for you probably is HOW.

If you have tried many times before yet failed, maybe you just haven't found the right technique. Have you tried exercise specifically yoga?

Exercise is known to reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cigarette cravings. Yoga particularly lessens the stress and anxiousness caused by smoking cessation. It puts you in a calm and collected state. Moreover, yoga improves focus and mood.

You know how important it is to create an atmosphere of focused attention. Once you have decided to seriously quit smoking, you need all the necessary tools to keep you on track and avoid relapse. And yoga is one of the tools. It is very transformative. It changes you not only physically but mentally.

Yoga Changes How You Live:

With the physical changes comes the realization that you need to take care of your body better. It will inspire you to change how you treat your body. You'll grow to respect it. You'll want to live a healthy life. When you are healthy, you feel good. Don't you want that?

One day, you'll find yourself choosing the food you eat and what you drink. You become conscious for the right reasons. Then your body will sense these changes. It will reward you. The reward comes in being more vibrant, more energetic, and more lively. Your skin glows. Your hair feels smooth and looks shiny. You sleep better.

Yoga Changes How You Think:

Smoking is a lifestyle. It becomes part of who you are especially if you're a heavy smoker. That is the problem. Something that identifies you is hard to let go. Once that's imprinted, it's hard to break the wall. It is therefore important to change how you think.

Yoga changes how you think by giving you a renewed sense of self. It just takes you to a place of understanding. It gives you peace of mind. When that happens, you see yourself more. You become more forgiving of yourself.

Yoga opens up your mind. It teaches you how to observe yourself without judging. You respect yourself more. You give credit to whom and what you are. You no longer highlight your past and become more excited in doing the right things at the present.

Yoga can do these. These effects have been proven centuries long. Yoga is popular for very good reasons. These same reasons are the bases why yoga is the best complement to other quit smoking programs.

Of course, there will be some hurdles along the way. Success doesn't always happen at trying just once. When you do fall, get back up, regain balance, and then go on. Do not castigate yourself with a slip up. Start anew. You'll get there. Just keep moving forward.

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