Use tips to help quit smoking to stop

Use tips to help quit smoking in order to succeed.

There are certain guidelines you can follow when looking for tips to quit smoking.

Some of the most important stop smoking tips:

You have to realize and admit to yourself that you are addicted if you really want to quit smoking successfully.

It is also very important to change your thought patterns. You must make certain and condition yourself to see quit smoking, not as a loss of cigarettes.

It is always better view your quitting process as a way to regain your freedom from your addiction. It is not a loss it is something you win.

One of the most important tips to help quit smoking is that you will not succeed if you try to quit due to pressure by someone else. It has to be your decision. It must come from inside you, and you alone can convince yourself that you have to and want to end your nicotine addiction.

Remember it must be your desire to quit. You must find your own reason to quit and then you must stick to it, and remember if it is your own reason it will be easier to stick to it.

More tips to help quit smoking:

There are a number of tips you can follow to ease the quitting process. It is not necessary to follow all these stop smoking tips, but if you can follow some, it will ease your stop smoking effort.

  • Educate yourself on the quit smoking side effects and decide in advance how you are going to react once the cravings hit you. You must realize that it will hit you, but it will come and go, and the periods between the cravings will always become longer and easier to handle.

  • A good quit smoking tip is to find and evaluate your smoking triggers before you stop smoking, because it will give you the ability to manage these situations. This could be things like tea breaks, regular smoke breaks at work or college, leisure time or stress situations, or while having a beer with friends. See that you know them, because then you can manage them.

  • Another of tips on quitting smoking is to get proper quit smoking support. This could be your spouse, friends, ex smokers or support forums. What is very important is to see that you have proper support once the cravings hit you in a bad moment.
  • A good and trusted person who can act as a “check in assistant” who can immediately put you on the right track once you start to get off track is always a wonderful support to have.
  • Write down and keep your focus on your good reasons to quit and everything you gain from quitting.
  • Another one of the quitting smoking tips that helped me tremendously was to imagine myself 10 years ahead and still smoking vs. Being free of smoking. This simple exercise really helped me to retrain my mind and to stay focused when the cravings became difficult to handle. It will really help to focus on the future in a positive manner.
  • Do as much research as possible and realize that smoking addiction has a physical, as well as a mental side. The best is overcome it with a dual part quit smoking program.
  • Learn to live with the fact that there will always be cigarettes around you. Realize that you have to live with it. The secret is to beat the inside, and then the external factors should not win you.
  • Another of the quitting smoking tips is to do an image search on Google and to see the damage smoking can cause to peoples bodies. Those are not pretty sites, but it could help to motivate you to come clear and to stay smoke free for ever.
  • Another one of the valuable quit smoking tips is to get some new hobbies and activities to keep yourself occupied.
  • It is always good practice to reward yourself or to arrange that you be rewarded by your support once you start succeeding with your quit smoking effort.

One final quit smoking tip:

When I ended my smoking habit, I have promised myself one important thing. That was that I would never let a cigarette touch my lips again.

I do not know why it worked for me, but it did. It is as if it gives you a certain type of dual defense mechanism against smoking. It is a matter of if you won’t let it touch your lips, you will not be able to light it, and you will not smoke again.

In a way, I really had to condition myself to do that, but it worked and I am sure it can also work for you.

It is worth it, try it, convince yourself never to let a smoke touch your lips again and break free and stay free from your nicotine addiction.

To Conclude:

Take the action. Start a quit smoking program.

Remember the acronym is SMART—

Make it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time related.

Try and make use of the tips to help quit smoking. It feels very good when you can say you have honestly beaten your nicotine addiction.

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