Use Tabex for easy quitting.

Use Tabex  effectively while using nature's way to gradually quit your nicotine addiction.

One can quit with  ease, without any nicotine cravings.

The product is cheap and it does not contain any nicotine.


Lessening the effect of nicotine withdrawal this product makes quitting more bearable.

When using the tablets while smoking the adverse effects of nicotine will increase.

This averse effects help to fight the cravings. You will develop an anti tobacco feeling. The intense craving taste that normally built up in your mouth will largely be reduced.

I also used a natural product when I finally quit smoking and I remember the absence of the intense withdrawal and nicotine cravings helped so much.

It just makes quitting so much easier.

Cytisine plays the role of a nicotine substitution substance. It then interacts with the nicotine receptors in the body. Cytisine now replaces nicotine, and a gradual reduction of nicotine dependency takes place.

Eventually, you are weaned off smoking without any negative side effects.

During the administration of the tablets, the following may be experienced—

Changes of taste and appetite, dry mouth, headache, nausea and slightly increase in blood pressure, but normally it will disappear within the treatment course.

When using this stop smoking pills one does experience adverse feelings like changes in taste, headache, dry mouth, nausea, increased blood pressure, constipation, stomach ache and tachycardia.

The adverse feelings will mainly be experienced in the beginning, and it will disappear when we progress with the course.

Very high doses of Cytisine can let a person experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tachycardia and muscle weakness. If one decreases the dose these effects will decrease, and the product could be used safely and without any experience of uneasiness.

Positive facts:

  • It is a safe stop smoking product, and a prescription is not required to use it.
  • The use of the stop smoking pill can triple one’s changes to quit smoking, and it has already been proven in former FSE Countries since 1964. Millions of people have already used it to quit smoking successfully.
  • About 76% of Cytisine treated persons give up smoking

This quit smoking product has been proven very effective. Health risks associated with smoking are largely reduced, and years of healthy living will be gained. Surely it is worth giving a try.

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An uncontrolled trial of cytisine  for smoking cessation

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