Stop smoking with EFT therapy to stop now

Stop smoking with eft therapy and help yourself to be free from nicotine addiction.

It is called the emotional freedom technique therapy to stop smoking.

What is EFT Therapy?

EFT therapy is a method of self-help that was created by Gary Craig.

Craig’s technique is designed to work similar to an emotional acupressure that gently, easily, and quickly releases any negative beliefs and emotions.

It is thought that such negativity is the root of all pain and other problems. In other words, EFT is thought to heal emotional issues by simply undoing past damage.

How does Stop Smoking with EFT work?

Though this type of EFT to Stop Smoking therapy will not work for everyone, a success rate of nearly 85% was reported for all smoking cessation trials.

Quit smoking with eft can work because along with talking through the smoker’s feelings, the therapist works to locate places in a patient’s body where stress, anxieties, worries, and so on are held.

Once these places are found, the therapist can then begin to “tap” on the area while the person discusses their feelings at that moment. One example is a lady named “Lori”.

Lori was a slave to cigarettes for over 20 years, a COPD sufferer, and was smoking around 15 cigarettes per day.

Lori decided to quit smoking with eft.

She had many stresses that she was carrying with her before she entered into EFT therapy to quit smoking.

It took her nearly 10 sessions, but she has been smoke-free for more than two years, and her COPD has much improved.

Lori says that the EFT worked for her because it allowed her to let go of the major issue making her depressed; thus leading to her bad habit.

The trigger for Lori was the fact that, in the past, she was involved in a car accident and she had a rather serious back injury. Her doctor had suggested she has a surgery to repair it.

When she refused he informed her if she didn’t have the procedure she would die around a certain age. As she got closer to that age, her smoking habit increased.

When the therapist began to tap into this, she helped Lori to talk about her issues. Thus, giving her an outlet and teaching her new ways to act, helping her to replace the smoking habit with a new action.

Quit smoking with eft therapy worked for Lori.

At present, some eft scripts to quit smoking are available and many people used it with a high rate of success.

In a conclusion:

In the end, many people are turning to stop smoking with eft therapy after they have tried other methods to quit smoking.

The fact is that most addictions, like smoking, have underlying problems. So, when those underlying problems are worked out, it allows the person to let go of negativity;

EFT helps to solve our problems and leading a better life!

Quit smoking with eft therapy is a different method to quit smoking, and it could be just what you need to beat your nicotine addiction at once and for ever...

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