Use the stop smoking system to stop

Use the stop smoking system to eliminate your desire to smoke. This is a science based quit plan and deals with the mental and the physical addiction of the smoker.

This is a step by step stop smoking program. You can do it from the comfort of your home.

Ongoing e-mail support for up to 12 months is available, and a free one-hour consultation with the author can also be arranged.

This home study course was developed by Dr. Deanne Sykes. She received her Ph.D. in Research Psychology from the University of California. She is a happy and comfortable ex-smoker of many years.

Her course is very effective to help people who are addicted to quitting for good.

How does the stop smoking system work? 

It is always difficult to get rid of the physical addiction when you try to quit, but most people do manage successfully to overcome the physical side of the addiction.

It is the psychological (mental) addiction that normally drive people back to smoking again. Dr. Sykes therefore, concentrated much more on the mental side of the addiction when she developed the program.

She developed a set of techniques and information that she uses in the quit smoking plan that effectively address both sides of the nicotine dependency. This combination of techniques uses proven psychological principles to end your desire to smoke.

Dr. Sykes teaches you how to use your brain to stop smoking completely and to eliminate your desire to smoke.

Quit smoking methods that are included in the stop smoking system:

You will receive a complete Quit System Program Manual.

The manual provides guidance in the form of exercises and techniques to help you to eliminate your desire to smoke.

You also get regular assessments to make sure you are on track and still doing it right.

A structured nicotine fading plan is included to help you to counter withdrawal symptoms.

Ongoing e-mail support is available, and a free one-hour consultation with the author can also be arranged.

How to use the stop smoking system:

You will have to work through a thirty day stop smoking program. During the first 15 days, you are mentally prepared how not to-- smoke while you are still smoking. At the same time, you will use a simple tapering and switching strategy to eliminate your physical addiction.

You will quit right in the middle of the program.

During the last 15 days, the program is used to support you after you have quit. You will be taught to develop new habits, skills and techniques to live a new improved life.

The program is easy to work with, and it is easy to digest because it is divided into 6 segments of 5 days each. The first 15 days you work on the first 3 segments. You then quit and during the remaining 15 days you work with the last 3 segments.

Facts worth mentioning about the stop smoking system:

  • The Complete Quit System provides a gentle and effective way to quit once and for all.
  • Before you buy The Complete Quit System it is possible to get a free mini-course that includes 7 action steps one must take to develop an effective stop smoking plan. With this course, you will also receive a special preview of the complete quit smoking plan.
  • The Quit System teaches you how to stop using cigarettes to relieve stress, but still shows you how to be more relaxed than ever.
  • It teaches you to use the power of proportional thinking to stay smoke free.
  • You will learn how effectively to deal with family and friends who are still smoking around you.
  • Your physical as well as your psychological dependence will be addressed.
  • The quit smoking system, allows for some flexibility to let you tailor the program to fit your own needs.
  • A balance of information and interactive exercises are included in order to help you to understand the program’s working.
  • A full one year no questions asked, guarantee is included in the program.

Some words of caution about the stop smoking system:

You must be willing to put some effort into the program. If you belief that a pill can solve all your problems, the program is not meant for you.

To conclude:

The stop smoking system works gently with your addiction problem.

It is a gradual process that helps your system to adapt and adjusts much easier to the quitting process.

This is one the best ways to deal with addiction.

Go to the Easyquit System.

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