Stop smoking laser treatment to stop

Stop smoking laser treatment releases endorphins in the body. It aims to reduce and eventually ends your nicotine cravings.

The endorphins that are released are the same as those released by smoking. When using the laser treatment you can reduce your need to receive these endorphins through nicotine intake.

How does the quit smoking laser treatment work?

Laser therapy to quit smoking is similar to acupuncture, but no needles are used.

A low level laser is used. It is a laser pen where a light beam is directed at special energy points on the hands, ears, wrists, face and other parts of the body.

Applying the stop smoking laser treatment:

You will be treated in a special treatment room by a person that is well trained in laser treatment.

You will relax in a comfortable chair while you receive the treatment. A cold laser beam is used which is completely painless and safe.

The beam will never heat up, and no damaging of tissue will take place. No one bit of pain will be experienced.

One session takes about 30 minutes, and it leaves you in a calm and relaxed state.

More than one session (3 to 5) may be necessary, and it will always be a good idea to use the treatment together with a stop smoking plan.

Facts worth mentioning about the quit smoking treatment:

  • The laser therapy helps you to relax, it reduces tension, and it increases circulation in the body.
  • Improved sleeping patterns and overall well being will be experienced, and you will be less likely to fall into your old patterns of bad habits and smoking again.
  • Treatment with this product also helps you to control the urge for overeating after you have stopped smoking.
  • This laser treatment is similar to acupuncture, but only a light sensation is experienced without any pain. No needles are used.
  • When using this product you do not have to take any medication at all.
  • The success rate of his way to quit smoking has not been confirmed yet, but it sounds reasonable to quit smoking especially due to its low risk.

Words of caution about the quit smoking laser treatment:

Do not use this treatment when you are pregnant or nursing, or when you suffer from cancer.

Quit smoking laser treatment side effects:

Laser treatment to stop smoking uses no drugs. A session of treatment leaves you in a relaxed state and without any side effects.

Stop smoking laser treatment reviews:

Not much evidence exists about the failure and success rates of the laser treatment to stop smoking.

It seems some people did experience success and others did not. As with quit smoking hypnosis, however, you must have the want to quit.

Using the treatment will definitely motivate you and it will help you mentally to keep on fighting your nicotine addiction until you succeed.

Stop smoking laser treatment cost:

The money you spend on quit smoking laser treatment is less than one third of your annual expenditure on smoking

To conclude:

The laser treatment releases endorphins, which are natural chemicals, in your body.

If you do have any doubt about the rate of success it could still be worth a try.

The therapy is not expensive, it will not hurt you, and it does have a relaxing and calming effect.

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