The stop smoking injection combines medications to block nicotine receptors in your brain

Take the stop smoking injection  once to quit smoking , some times a second one is needed, but very rarely  a third one.

A combination of medications is used to target and block the nicotine receptors in your brain. You will not crave for nicotine, and you will not have any desire for a next cigarette any more.

How to use the quit smoking injection:

The injection is a combination of either Atropine and Scopolamine or Atarax and Scopolamine. It is these combinations that are used to block the nicotine receptors in the brain and, therefore, reduce the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

There are three injections, and it can be injected on the hip, or on the arm, or behind the ears. Normally one injection is sufficient to make us quit, but some people do need a second injection. Some people even need a third injection, but this is rare.

Normally the injections are done in a clinic under the supervision of a doctor.

When looking for a clinic, proper verifications should be attained before making use of its services. A clinic that combines counseling and group therapy with the stop smoking injection is always better.

As part of treatment, the patient will wear a patch behind the ear and take tablets for a period of two weeks after the treatment.

This quit smoking product has been approved by the FDA.

Facts worth mentioning about the quit smoking shot:

  • The quit smoking injection has a success rate of more than 70%.
  • Health coverage for injection is provided by a number of health insurance companies.
  • By using this method, you are able to rid you of the smoking habit in a relative short time. It only takes one to three injections, and it is quite affordable.
  • Normally the doctor will monitor our response and a behavior therapy will be arranged if it is deemed necessary.

Take care of the following:

  • Pregnant women and cardiac patients should stay away from the injection as well as people that are using narcotics.
  • It is possible to suffer some short term side effects like dry mouth, dizziness, head ache and urinating problems.
  • Some long term side effects like strokes, hallucination and heart attacks are possible.   
  •  It must be stated that in the past, it only happened to people who  received too high doses.
  • Beware of clinics that make promises that are too good to be true, because then it is not true. Quitting is not easy. Those clinics that make quit smoking easy with only a one time casual sort of visit, normally make stopping looking easier than it is.
  •  Look around and find out what the average cost of a quit smoking injection is. If a clinic is too cheap it will not be for real. Stay away from it and research more.
  • It is always good practice to confirm that smoking injection treatment is FDA approved. Also, make sure to see your doctor for a proper checkup before using the injection.
  • The stop smoking injection can be painful, and people that are afraid of injections should stay away. Click for more reading on the quit smoking shot.
  •  Medical treatment does not always work precisely in the same way for each and every person. This treatment will always work better if you prepare yourself well for your quit smoking effort. If we are willing to use the injection, in conjunction with another stop smoking method it will always be much more effective.

To conclude:

Remember if you decide to use the stop smoking injection you can rid yourself of the smoking habit within a very short time.

The fact that you have a 70% change of success makes it a worthy effort.

Click here to read more about the stop smoking injection.

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