Use the stop smoking inhaler to provide the body with controlled amounts of nicotine to stop

Use the stop smoking inhaler to control and end your nicotine addiction.

The  inhaler is used as a component of the Nicotine Replacement Therapy. It gradually weans you from the use of cigarettes.

The cigarette replacement inhaler provides the body with controlled amounts of vaporized nicotine. No more tarish and toxic chemicals will enter your body.

Other components of Nicotine Replacement Therapy are lozenges, gums, patches and nasal spray.

We do need a doctor’s prescription to use the quit smoking inhaler. When we use a natural product that does not contain nicotine like the NOXO Smoking Inhaler we do not require a prescription.

How does the stop smoking inhaler work?

The quit smoking inhaler consists out of a mouth piece and a cartridge that can be replaced after you have used it.

Nicotine is contained in the cartridge, and once you draw on the mouth piece the cartridge will release a small amount of nicotine vapor into the mouth.

The nicotine is taken into the body via the mucus membranes in the mouth. It does not enter the body via the lungs.

The inhaler should be used every time you get the urge to light a cigarette. You handle and puff on the inhaler just as you would on a conventional cigarette.

Instructions on how to use the inhaler are always indicated when bought. The labels should be studied and adhered to in order to ensure maximum results.

Normally you use the inhaler over a fixed period during which you reduce the amount of nicotine intake on a weekly basis. Once the intake is reduced to a certain level it is possible to stop completely.

It is possible to replace the cartridge when needed without having to buy a new mouth piece every time we replace the cartridge.

Why use the stop smoking inhaler?

  • Use the inhaler if you want to quit smoking.
  • It can be used in public places where smoking is prohibited.
  • One can use the inhaler to smoke fewer cigarettes. You can then for instance alternate the use of the inhaler and smoking a cigarette.
  • Special care should be taken that you do not increase the amount of nicotine into your body if you use this smoking reduction method.

Words of caution about the stop smoking inhaler:

  • Lactating or pregnant women should not use the inhaler.

  • People with cardiovascular or asthma problems should not use this quit smoking product.

  • Be careful not to use the inhaler while you still smoke the same amount of cigarettes you are used to. It could cause a nicotine overdose. The best is to stop smoking completely once you start using the stop smoking inhaler.

  • The product should not be used if you experience any breathing problems, or if you have problems with your liver or kidneys.
  • We should not drink acidic beverages 15 minutes before or after using the inhaler, it is possible that the body will not absorb the nicotine well due to high levels of acidity

  • Be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist about medicines that you are already using before you start using the inhaler

Side effects caused by the quit smoking inhaler:

  • A person might experience mild coughing and irritation of the throat when start using the inhaler. This will disappear when you keep on using it for a longer period.
  • It is also possible that one could have problems with an upset stomach once you start using the inhaler.
  • You could suffer from a headache, dizziness, mouth ulcers, vomiting, nausea, and hiccups.

Normally the side effects are not serious when using the cigarette replacement inhaler. If it becomes a problem it is best to consult your doctor

Facts worth mentioning about the stop smoking inhaler:

  • A smoker can still puff on and hold the inhaler like a cigarette, which really helps him/her to cope with the physical part of the smoking addiction.
  • The toxins that are present in tobacco smoke do not enter your body when using the inhaler.
  • This is a good form of NRT if you have problems with your teeth. Gums or Lozenges could cause some problems if a person has bad teeth.

To conclude:

The stop smoking inhaler is a good replacement if you miss the hand to mouth movement of smoking as well as the puffing of the cigarette.

If one feels you need you should get a prescription, alternatively you could opt for the natural product without the need for a prescription.

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