Chew stop smoking gum to stop

Use stop smoking gum to stop by gradually weaning you off smoking.

Put the gum in your mouth and chew it. You must however not keep on chewing the gum. For high efficiency it is best to chew and park it.

Gums are handy to use because it offers something for smokers to put in their mouths instead of a cigarette.

Why the chew and park method?

Chew the gum for a while and then park it between the gum and cheek.

It helps for the nicotine in the gum to last longer and it gives satisfaction for a longer period.

The normal amount of gums to be used per day is between 15 and 25, but please no more than 30.

You do not want an overdose of nicotine.

How does the stop smoking gum work?

You must immediately stop smoking when you start using the quit smoking gum to avoid an overdose of nicotine.

Four mg and two mg gums are available in a number of flavors and a number of different brands.

The frequency of smokes you use will determine with what gum you start your quit smoking effort.

While chewing the gum a controlled amount of nicotine is released.

The nicotine slowly reaches your system via the linings in the mouth. The idea is to slowly decrease the daily intake of nicotine.

After three months you should have your nicotine cravings under control. You can now stop using the gum and you can live a smoke free life again.

Different brands of the quit smoking gum:


The gums taste good. It is a great deal with a great price. The gum works well and it really stops cravings. The flavor is excellent and the texture is very good. This is a quality product.

This particular flavor is very tasty. It compliments the peppery sensation of the nicotine release.

The instructions lay out a definite 3 month quit smoking plan. Strictly follow the plan and succeed.

The gum definitely works. Instructions should be read and followed properly.

Some people call it the perfect solution for quitting smoking.

The gum tastes real good. It does not get hard. The gum does not loose it’s flavor too quickly.

With this gum the edge is taken off nicotine withdrawal.

The taste is amazing. The gum  takes the bite out of quitting.

If you are dedicated and chew as prescribed you can succeed.

The gum does a perfect job and it has a wonderful taste.

This is an arguably safe alternative to the awful smoking habit.


Habitrol gum stops the urges.  Value is good and the taste is great.

The nicotine level of the gum is sufficient to calm the cravings.

This gum can do the trick.

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