Use the right program to stop cigarette smoking to succeed

Stop cigarette smoking with ease when you use a proper quit smoking program.

Selecting the quit smoking program that is suitable specific for your circumstances can some times become really difficult. This is largely due to the fact that there are so many available stop smoking products and programs.

Mostly these quit smoking products are easily available at reasonable and affordable prices.

You will also find a number of web sites and other sources that give quit smoking advice and tips away free. When I decided to quit my smoking habit I went to the library and took out a book called How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good.

This book was free and using the information was free. I never had to buy anything to help me with my quitting process.

An updated version of this book is now available at a very reasonable price. It is possible to borrow these kinds of books from the library at virtually no costs.

Using kindle makes it also very reasonable and then the ownership is more permanent.

How do we stop cigarette smoking?

Stop smoking can be very difficult if we do not find a proper way. In order to find the right quit smoking product we do have to obey certain rules to attain reasonable success.

Find the right information and quit smoking advice and tips to educate you. Then you can prepare yourself in a proper manner, and you will have a fair change to succeed.

If you do not succeed the first time you will succeed later on. You must just keep on trying. Mostly it will be necessary to try more than once, because the average quit rate to success is three times.

Two main types of quit smoking processes do exist when trying to quit smoking cigarettes. This is the gradual reduction method versus the method whereby you quit smoking abruptly.

Stop cigarette smoking when using the gradual reduction method:

Normally this system involves a way whereby you stop nicotine intake by the use of cigarettes. You then put nicotine direct into your system, and then you gradually reduce the nicotine intake.

Your body then gets used to the regular reduction of nicotine and eventually you can stop the nicotine intake and you will not crave for smoking any more. Cravings and side effects will be reduced to a minimum.

Also, the nicotine that is fed into your body is not full of toxic chemicals and tar any more.

This is normally done by products that we refer to as nicotine replacement products.

Several problems are associated with this quit smoking therapy—

  • If you use these products for too a long time you may have become addicted to the product itself. It is due to the continuous nicotine that is fed into your body.
  • These products should not be used by persons younger than 18 or by pregnant women or by people with heart disease.
  • When using nicotine replacement therapy you should immediately stop smoking or you could suffer a nicotine overdose.

Other systems like Rien Pipe and Nicobloc are used where by you keep on smoking, but the amount of smoke and nicotine that is fed into your body is reduced and eventually you get used to live without nicotine intake and then you can just throw the cigarettes out.

Stop cigarette smoking  when using the abrupt quit smoking method:

The most common abrupt stop smoking method is the cold turkey method where you just make the decision quit now and never smoke again. Many people do succeed with this method, and they just never look back again.

Many quit smoking programs are based on this cold turkey method. This is where hypnosis, books, NLP, cd's and DVD’s are used.

To Conclude:

Stop cigarette smoking is possible if you use the method that is suitable for your circumstances.

Combining two or more methods have proven to be highly successful.

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