Stop Chewing Tobacco, because it poisons your body with nicotine

Stop chewing tobacco, because it is just as dangerous as smoking and it can cause serious health problems.

When chewing tobacco you get an amount of nicotine that is more powerful than when you are smoking a cigarette. The nicotine is also delivered into your body at a much higher rate than when smoking tobacco.

When chewing the tobacco for more than eight times a day, nicotine intake is equivalent to the amount of nicotine your body receives when smoking thirty or more cigarettes per day.

It is a fact that all snuff products contain nicotine, and there is not a unique advantage associated with nicotine in your system.

It is best to stop chewing tobacco because many dangers are associated with it:

  • Chewing tobacco is just as dangerous and addictive than tobacco because you still feed your body with nicotine that is hazardous, toxic and addictive. A number of other dangerous chemicals also enter your body when chewing.
  • When chewing tobacco, your risk of cancer is increased several times (especially the mouth, tongue, lips and throat), and it can lead to a dangerous medical situation, may be irreversible.
  • The chewing snuff contributes to the deterioration of the teeth and mouth health. This could cause tooth decay, and increases the risk of cavities because it erodes the enamel of your teeth.
  • Chewing tobacco can also damage the gums, leaving you with a constant pain in the mouth. This pain can be unbearable and asked to see a doctor.

  • Chewing tobacco leads to spitting behavior that irritates people; it leaves you with bad breath, and it has a negative impact on your social life.
  • The chewing snuff can cause increased heart rate and blood pressure that may increase the risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • It’s best to stop chewing tobacco because nicotine in tobacco is not only addictive it is a deadly poison. When taking in large amounts, it can be just as deadly as snake venom.
  • As with smoking, it is also associated with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). This is because if you smoke or chew tobacco, nicotine is introduced into the body of the child through breast milk and is fatal.
  • When chewing snuff, you run the risk of leukoplakia in the mouth. (These are small white spots and could become cancer at a later stage.)

Some facts about chewing tobacco:

Some people tend to think they can stop smoking if they start using chewing tobacco. Not many success stories are known for quitting smoking with this method.

You only change the way in which you keep on feeding toxic chemicals and nicotine in to the body. Some people who have tried this method eventually ended up chewing and smoking tobacco.

It is a fact that you will not destroy other people with secondhand smoke while chewing snuff, but one must remember that you have a responsibility to your family while chewing.

The best solution is to stop chewing tobacco. You will then help yourself and your family.

If you become ill due to the habit of chewing your loved ones will suffer with you., They also suffer from your dirty and unhealthy habit of chewing. Finally, if you die because of the habit of chewing your family will suffer even more.

The best thing to do is quit chewing snuff. You will become healthier, and your family will not suffer because of your bad habit. Think about it and try to break the addiction to nicotine.

Ways to quit chewing tobacco:

Similar to quit smoking it is important to educate and evaluate yourself to quit the snuff chewing.

Determine why you chew. May be you chew to relief stress. Perhaps it is to relax, or maybe it's just a conditioned habit as you are accustomed to chewing, after having a meal.

You just have to find a cause, and then you look for help. If necessary, you can also ask your doctor and get advice.

Some suggest the use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy to quit chewing tobacco. The use of nicotine gum appears to be highly recommended stopping chewing tobacco.

It is also believed that hypnosis can be very effective to help stop chewing tobacco.

In a conclusion:

The responsible thing to do is to stop the habit. Do your homework; find a way to form your own blueprint to stop chewing tobacco.

You will free yourself and your family.

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