Follow definite steps to stop smoking to succeed

Follow definite steps to stop smoking to stop and be free.

Quitting smoking is a process that takes a lot of effort. Most want to quitters try at least three times before they succeed.

Your quitting effort will be like a baby who is starting to walk for the first time in his life. You will fall, but then you must get up again. Maybe you will fall again and may be again and even more times.

If you keep on and keep on trying you will succeed. The more you try the more you learn to run the quit smoking marathon to succeed.

Try and try again you will become strong, you will become more skillful, you will find out which program is most suitable for you. You will succeed you will set yourself free.

Once you do have success you become an ex-smoker. You will never be a non smoker.

It is important to follow definite stop smoking steps in order to ease the process.

The steps to quit smoking that you decide to follow should be determined by you and you alone. No one else can decide and make decisions for you. It must be your decision, and you have to take full responsibility

Belief me once you become an ex smoker the feeling of victory will be so great you will not worry about an ex smoker or a non smoker any more. The goal is not to be controlled by nicotine any more.

Your big victory will neutralize all small matters, and you will be happy and free again.

You can click here to see the book I used to finally succeed with my quit smoking marathon. It was not always easy. Some times I really succeeded in bluffing myself, but in the end, it did work.

I could become an ex smoker, and I am happy, I am thankful, and I am even feeling proud about this wonderful victory in my life.

What methods did you use, or do you want to use? Which worked best for you?

Do You Have A Story About Your Fight Against The Smoking Habit?

Leave your comments, or your story, or maybe you have a positive review or maybe a not so positive one. May be you have some definite steps to quit smoking. Please let us know.

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