Read smoking stories to succeed

Read smoking stories to find out how other people have succeeded.

The  stories  are told about quit smoking success, and it is told  because it makes people happy.

They  are proud and they like to talk about their achievements.

May be you will be so kind and tell us your smoking story:

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Successful Quitting. 
I started smoking when I was nineteen years old. I did it for no specific reason, but I enjoyed it while I was socializing with other people. I remember …

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What I like most about the stop smoking success stories is that they are true genuine life experiences. Some times just ordinary and some times heart breaking.

Many times you hear quitting stories with the happy endings. Those are the real stop smoking achievements.

Happy endings and the not so good ones:

My sister had a friend Jacques who had emphysema. This was due to his smoking habit. She told me how he battled to get enough oxygen into his lungs. He battled just to get up in the morning because he could not breathe. Jacques had a container of oxygen next to his bed all the time.

My sister told me how Jacque’s quality of life used to degrade all the time. Later on he just wanted to die. Eventually, he died. He just became too weak to keep on battling for air. His body just could not survive anymore.

Jacque’s last words were “if only I had listened”.

There are many ex smokers whom can tell about their quit smoking efforts with joy and thankfulness. Those are the ones with quit smoking success.

I had this one colleague who was so caught up in his smoking addiction. His name was Hank. He just could not give up.

One morning he walked into the office with an announcement. Hank informed us that the previous night he made a decision never to smoke again and he did. He never smoked again.

Hank just stopped cold turkey. His was real quitting smoking success.

Then there are the quit smoking efforts with the if:

If only I have listened to so and so…, but I was young and never serious about this whole smoking thing.

If only I have never taken that first draw in my life.

If I could I would like to have it all over again.

If I think about all the money I have wasted.

If only I could achieve quit smoking success.

Second hand smoking:

Many smoke stories are told due to passive smoking. Those are the quiet casualties whom never actively smoked themselves.

Many times it is the babies, children and women who suffer the most from passive smoking. Some of them have very sad stories to tell, although they have never actively smoked themselves...

Positive smoking stories:

Positive quit smoking success stories make us happy. They are good to hear.

These success stories are used to motivate want to quitters to keep on trying till they do experience quit smoking success, as well.

Want to Quitters:

Please keep on trying. Do not give up. One of our country’s big rugby players had this saying. He said, “the hurt of being sorry is much worse than the hurt of self discipline”.

We should really put in an effort to become part of the happy quit smoking stories. Never give up. Keep on trying till you experience quit smoking success.

I still remember my two baby daughters. How much effort it took before they could give their first tiny steps. I remember them getting up and mostly falling on their bums again.

Some times they hurt themselves when trying to get up, but mostly nothing serious happened. Only one thing was needed to give their first steps.

They had to keep on trying, and they did.

The best way to quit smoking is to keep on trying.

In a conclusion:

Many good quit smoking success stories can be told, and these quit smoking stories really motivate us. 

The messages are clear. Keep on trying till you experience quit smoking success.

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