Smoking kills facts are real and scary

Smoking kills facts tell the story, it kills people.

Smoking kills  people that smoke, but it also kills people that do not smoke It kills young people and children, and it causes the death of unborn babies.

Not only is tobacco smoke the cause of death, it is also the cause of much pain and suffering. Smoking lets your body and organs deteriorate. This makes you suffer, and it causes a lot of pain and inconvenience.

Eventually smoking causes many users of tobacco to die a horrible death.

Smoking destroys many people:

Smoking is the biggest causer of preventable deaths--

It is reported that more people in America die of smoking than people dying from crime, car accidents, aids and drug abuse.

Reports from Canada reveal that the amounts of people that smoke are doubled each year. In other words for every person that is addicted to smoking another one becomes addicted per year.

In England, it is reported that during 2007 smoking killed 227 people per day, and smoking was also the cause of 1200 hospital admissions per day.

From many other countries, the same bleak reports are received.

During the previous century, almost 100 million people died of smoke related illnesses, and it is estimated that, in this century, it could increase to more than 1000 million smoke related deaths.

The fact remains smoking kill its customers.Smoking kills facts indicate that more than 50 % of smokers will die from smoke related diseases.

Smoking kills facts affect all people:

The chemicals in cigarette smoke are highly toxic. The toxicity of cigarettes is caused by the nicotine in the tobacco, and it is also caused by the by products added to the tobacco that you smoke.

By products are used to change the taste of tobacco, it is used to reduce the bitterness in tobacco. By products are also used to blend different tastes to satisfy people and to help the products sell better.

Fifty of the chemicals in cigarette smoke can cause cancer. Not only does smoking pollute the air it pollutes many areas. Dirty and used filters are found everywhere on sidewalks in households in gardens and in other public places.

Could I ever forget all the “chicken parades” (Clearing the parade ground of old and dirty thrown away cigarette filters?) I had to do while I was in the army.

Second hand smoke is breathed in by everyone around a smoker. The smoker self breaths in his/heir’s second hand smoke and children really suffer from the intake of second hand smoke. It leads to preterm delivery, low birth weight and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

When smoking indoors you will experience that, in the long run, carpets, curtains and even paint in the house become yellow stained because nicotine residues are absorbed into these surfaces. Research has shown that these nicotine residues interact with atmospheric species such as nitrous acid.

The term third hand smoke has been given to the toxic reaction of nicotine and atmospheric species that are harmful to people. This is particular dangerous when there are children in a household because they like to lick and touch surfaces and fabrics. Estimations are that children’s exposure to third hand smoke can be 20 times higher than those of adults.

Smoking kills facts are certain. Cardiovascular disease, heart disease, strokes, disease of the blood vessels, respiratory diseases and different types of cancers is often caused by smoking.

Smoking kills facts are true. It is a dangerous and a powerful addiction:

Smoking is a killing addiction, and it is powerful.

The power of the addiction can be illustrated by two real life examples- -

Most of us are health concerned people. We try to eat and live healthier. These days we are aware of what and how much we eat. We see that we get regular exercise so that we can stay healthy, but once all this is done we light a cigarette and then we really enjoy ourselves.

Another example of this is a family that buries a family member whose death was caused by smoking. After they finished the ceremony, some of the family members walked away just for a quick word and to light a cigarette.

The destructive power of smoking is so true it is so strong, and it is such a reality. It is poison it can cause tremendous pain and eventually death, but you are almost guaranteed a horrible life before you die.

Smoking kills facts for young people are real:

Children and especially teens normally start smoking because their friends do. They want to be in, and they do it because it is a fun thing.

Teenage smokers never really give thought to the consequences. They think it is fun, pleasure and relaxing. They do not think of old age. To them thirty is old and far away.

There is only one problem--

When teenagers start smoking it is almost certain that they will never stop again. They are in for a life long addiction. They do have a 50% change of dying due to their smoking addiction.

It must be remembered that their quality of life will deteriorate slowly, but surely. Smoke takes oxygen out of your blood, and the functioning of each organ in your body that needs oxygen to function will be affected in a negative manner.

People who started smoking in an innocent and playful manner could lead a painful life. Their life could become a never ending struggle to obtain enough oxygen for the body. Their limbs could be amputated due to circulation problems, and in the end they might die because of their nicotine addiction.

To conclude:

We must always remember that smoking kills facts are true and harsh. Smoking is our problem.

If you are a smoker, please try to quit. If you are a non-smoker or an ex-smoker please see if you can help a smoker to rid him/herself of this deadly addiction.

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