Smoking Jose set her free after many quitting efforts

"Smoking Jose is what my brother used to call me. I was 14 years old when he gave me my first cigarette.

I was busy studying for exams when he entered my bedroom one night, and he offered me a cigarette. I remember it so well. It was a Texan plain.

Oh what fun it was. He taught me how to take a draw deep into my lungs. I coughed, and my mouth and my lungs were burning, but we laughed a lot. We thought it was great fun.

My brother was a couple of years older than me. He was earning a salary already, and he supplied me with smokes till I left school.

I became his Smoking Jose. Smoking was our secret thing, and we enjoyed it. We shared it, and we spent good smoking times together. 

Then I finished school, and I found a job in another town. My brother and I were not together anymore. I had to look after myself now, and so I did.

I earned a salary. I became independent, and I managed to look after myself very well. I could even afford to buy cigarettes myself now.

Then came the time that I realized smoking was bad for me. I wanted to give up, and I did, but only for 2 days. I craved so much for a smoke I just could not resist. Jose was hooked.

It felt as if I was hooked for ever.

I tried to give up many times, but I could never succeed. It was just as if I lacked the proper desire to quit smoking. Every time I relapsed again. I just could not resist. It was as if I preferred to keep on being Smoke Jose.

A Mastectomy:

In 1985, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a mastectomy, and I got such a big fright I just stopped smoking immediately after the operation.

I remember I felt so very sick, and I decided never to smoke again, but it only lasted a week. After one, week, I was back to smoking again. Jose was in action again.

Two years later I was diagnosed with cancer again, and I had another mastectomy. Now I got such a freight I just had to quit smoking, and I did. I did not want to be Smoking Jose any more. I wanted to become free of smoking, and I did.

I stopped smoking for a full two weeks, but then the addiction caught up with me again. I just could not resist.

I realized the danger I experienced the damage it caused, but again I became old Smoking Jose. Emotionally smoking got hold of me, and I just could not break with it.

I was hooked. I even tried to convince me that it was not smoking that did the damage to my body. I was still trying to fool myself.

I had the yellow color on my fingers my skin did not look good, and my lungs were in a terrible state. Smoking also took away a lot of money from me.

March 2012:

During March 2012, I decided that I had it. My smoking went too far. I did not want to be addicted any more.

I made the decision to quit smoking for ever. Some of my friends and I started to pray. We asked GOD to help me.

On the nineteenth of March 2012 I got up at 05:15 and lit my first cigarette, but I did not smoke it I threw it away. I stopped... I said good bye to Smoke Jose.

I never smoked again.

Some times the cravings became very bad, but I have decided never to smoke again. 

To conclude with Smoking Jose: 

I have experienced a lot of changes already. I am in control again. My skin improved, my lungs feel better and I am saving a lot of money. 

All I can say is what a blessing to be free. It took me 54 years, and I plan to enjoy every moment of it. 

I just do not want to touch a smoke again."

Another successful case of quit smoking cold turkey.

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