The smokers patch gradually reduces nicotine intake through the skin

The smokers patch delivers a measured dose of nicotine through the skin to stop smoking.

A person starts with a high-dose patch and over a course of a couple of weeks switches to lower-dose patches.

You are then gradually weaned of cigarettes, and it is possible to overcome the nicotine addiction within a short time.

How does this quit smoking product work?

You stick the patch to your body and nicotine is then slowly released from the patch into your body. This form of nicotine supply to the body is called transdermal delivery.

When a smoker begins to use the patch the person can carry on with his/her life without using cigarettes any more. While using the patch you get use to handling life again without smoking, and you can gradually cut back on your nicotine intake from the patches.

Patches with different sizes and shapes are available. A kit normally exists out of patches of different sizes. Larger sizes contain the most nicotine followed by medium and smaller sizes that contain lesser nicotine.

Good examples are Nicoderm CQ and  Zero nicotine patches.

For the first weeks, the larger patches should be used followed by the medium sized patches for the next couple of weeks. The smallest patches should be used for the last couple of weeks.

Two types of patches are available. One type can supply a constant dose of nicotine for 16 hours and the other supplies a constant dose of nicotine for 24 hours:

When you are a heavy smoker, and feel you cannot go without nicotine during the night it is better use the 24 hour patch. When using the 24 hour patch and the irritation and side effects become too much then try the 16 hour patch.

If you do not smoke too much and you can go without nicotine during the night, it is better use the 16 hour patch.

How to use the smokers patch:

  • Enclosed directions should be read and followed.

  • Patches must be replaced on a daily basis.
  • It is important to wear the patch all day long. It should not be taken off and put back on again.

  • Do not smoke while using the patch.
  • The patch should be applied to a clean, dry and a hairless place at a position between the neck and waist.
  • For the prevention of skin irritation it is better not to apply the patch to the same location every day. Try and rotate the patch among several places.

How long to use the smokers patch:

Most recommendations for the patches are between 6 and 20 weeks. There seem to be no serous side effects due to long-term use.

It must be remembered though that nicotine stimulates the nervous system and it increases the heart rate and blood pressure. When used for too long, it could have negative effects on a person’s heart as well as his/her blood pressure

Side effects caused by the smokers patch may include:

Skin irritation -- redness and itching, dizziness, racing heartbeat, sleep problems or unusual dreams, headache, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and stiffness.

Try to do the following about side effects:

If the skin becomes irritated, try a different brand of patch. Also, use something like hydrocortisone cream to ease skin irritation.

The intake of nicotine can be reduced by using a smaller-dose patch.

Sleep problems may only last three or four days. If it does not stop and you are using the 24 hour patch then change to the 16 hour patch.

If the side effects become impossible to handle, then try another form of NRT.

 Some words of caution w.r.t. the smokers patch: 

  • The patch can be used without prescription. Consult with your doctor to see if you are in doubt.
  • The product is not meant for persons under the age of 18.
  • First check with your doctor if you use prescription medicine or if you have some health condition.

Some conclusive facts:

When using the patch the cravings will diminish, but it will not disappear immediately.

You will still experience some cravings, but it will become much easier to handle the physiological cravings.

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