Use  self hypnosis smoking to stop effectively at home

This  self hypnosis smoking cds from Dr. Randy Gilchrist are very effective.

The program provides support and much more than the necessary information and knowledge to get rid of this killing habit. Even after twelve months a very high success rate is maintained.

The non-smoker’s edge is an audio hypnosis program that has been approved and recommended by The National Institute of Whole Health.

Furthermore, Dr. Gilchrist is a licensed psychotherapist with excellent training in clinical hypnosis. He has the ability to help people to make behavior modifications when they really need to do so.

The stop smoking hypnotherapy type of programs that are ready made for home use is getting more popular these days. It is because people can listen to these programs in the quiet of their own homes whenever they want to and for as long as they want to.

These audio programs are much cheaper than live sessions and can be repeated over and over again. In many cases, it seems these home use sessions are just as effective as live sessions in the presence of a psychotherapist.

The  self hypnosis smoking program has seven cd’s and it is divided into nine sessions. This provides more than necessary to overcome the smoking addiction.

Dr. Gilchrist is very effective and he addresses a couple of issues in his hypnosis sessions that are worth mentioning:

  • Behavior modification strategies.
  • The quit smoking plan helps you to build motivation and confidence.
  • One of the sessions is designed to prepare you in order to prevent any relapse that might occur.
  • The stop smoking hypnotherapy program also addresses possible weight gain.
  • A last session is included really focusing on the negative aspects of smoking which will make you think twice before carry on smoking.
  • With the quit smoking hypnosis, program one is freed from the “I have to smoke feeling” to a feeling of freedom from the smoking addiction.
  • More than thirty years ago I started smoking. I had stopped five times before I managed to stay stopped. That was mainly due to my incapability to deal with smoking when I had to socialize. I, therefore, think it is worth mentioning that one of the sessions is designed to help you to handle social pressure.


  • As mentioned on an earlier page, it is always better if a program is available in writing, as well. With this stop smoking hypnotherapy, it is not the case.
  • This smoking hypnosis program is a bit expensive, but with the lenient money back guarantee that should not be a big problem.

Advantages associated with  self hypnosis smoking:

  • A success rate of 66% is maintained after one year.
  • No weight gain or withdrawal symptoms.
  • The hypnosis sessions are not too long. It can also be repeated when required.
  • One year money back is guaranteed.

This smoking self hypnosis program is offering a wonderful opportunity to become a quitter.

You get  ongoing support in the comfort of your own home.

With the wonderful money back guarantee it is really worth to try the none-smoker’s edge.

Go to the smoking self hypnosis program.

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