Rien Pipe  gradually ends your nicotine addiction

Rien Pipe uses the gradual nicotine reduction method and delivers a high rate of success.

The quit smoking aid filters out the nicotine and tar contained in your cigarettes. The nicotine reduction method is used in a very creative and effective manner.

How does the product work?

The quitting smoking product is sold in a set of 31 cigarette filters. The filters are numbered 1 to 31. Each day you use one filter to reduce your nicotine and tar intake by 3% per day.

The nicotine and tar intake are regulated by micro sized ultra precise holes. It helps you to quit smoking within 31 days.

How to use the quit smoking aid:

The stop smoking aids are provided in three packets.

The first packet contains filters that are marked from 1 to 10. It must be used from one to ten.

The second packet contains filters from 11 to 20, and you should carry on using it from 11 to 20.

The third packet contains number 21 to 31 which you should use in the same order.

The main purpose is to make your body used to a low nicotine intake by gradually reducing it over a period of 31 days.

The experience is that a lot of smokers that use Rien Pipe do quit even before they reach the 31st day.

Facts worth mentioning about the quit smoking aids:

  • This is a quit smoking method that is stress free.

  • It is possible to quit with in a period of 31 days.
  • You can smoke as many cigarettes as you want, but you will reduce your nicotine intake by 3% per day.
  • A success rate of between 80 and 90 percent is claimed by the manufacturer of this product.
  • With this system it becomes easy to make your body used to a very low nicotine intake.

Cautioning facts about the 31 smoking cessation aids:

  • The pipes should be used in the correct order, and you must see to it that you do use a new pipe each day.
  • A pipe must be used with every cigarette that you smoke, and you should not stop using the pipes until you have completed the whole program.

In conclusion:

RienPipe is indeed one of the creative smoking cessation aids. This is a gradual quit smoking method that can be used effectively and with positive results.

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