Quitting smoking and depression are to be beaten

Quitting smoking and depression can be overcome. You must however manage it correctly.

There are some people that suffer from depression prior to quitting.

Many times people with depression use smoking as a kind of substitute for their depression.

To quit smoking then becomes extremely difficult and doing it on your own is nearly impossible.

Facts about quitting smoking and depression:

While you were smoking, your brain got used to certain nicotine levels. By taking away this nicotine that stimulated your brain for long periods you can cause a chemical imbalance. That could result in quit smoking depression.

Bear in mind that quit smoking and depression is normally only temporarily. It can be one of many quit smoking withdrawal symptoms, and you can beat it.

When people suffer bouts of depression while quitting, the condition is manageable, and it never lasts long.

Act upon it, combat it, seek help and conquer it, remember that living without smoking is not going to kill you. You will get control over your life again.

When you quit you largely decrease your changes to die of cancer or heart attack; you are busy adding quality to your life.

I worked through a number of quit smoking forums, and it is a fact that many people that want to quit do suffer from depression. The quitting smoking and depression can be severe but hang in there. Normally it will disappear after a month, and you will be free.

The main message from these forum people is that once you have quit you must fight the depression.

What tend to linger is the nicotine cravings.  I like most other ex-smokers suffered from nicotine cravings, but it is at a reduced level and it comes and goes. It is not constant, but you must be prepared. You must never let a cigarette touch your lips again.

When I stopped I never had problems with quitting smoking and depression, but the reduced cravings kept with me for about 12 years. Some times I nearly gave in, but then one day I realized that the cravings were gone. I do not experience nicotine cravings any more.

 Do not let the depression beat you. Do not give up. If your depression is due to your quit smoking effort, it will not last long. Normally it will be shorter than a month. So do not give up. Hang in there. It is most definitely going to become easier.

Research by the University of Helsinki found that, besides the dangers of illness like heart, lungs, cancer etc, smokers are also having a higher risk of getting depressed while smoking. This is another indication of the detrimental effect smoking does have on you when you are a smoker.

Quitting smoking and depression is real, and it does influence many people who want to quit smoking.

It is possible though to quit smoking without getting depressed and most people do succeed to do just that.

Quitting smoking and depression symptoms:

It is found that about 20% of smokers do experience depression.

Smokers that had depression prior to smoking are battling most to quit. This is because nicotine becomes a stimulant and helps to alleviate the moods of depression.

Smokers with pre smoking depression do need serious help to quit smoking.

Depression symptoms that are experienced are low self esteem, lack of motivation, hopelessness and a feeling of helplessness.

It is important to treat people with depression while quitting smoking... Possible treatments are counseling and antidepressants.

Follow up support is essential for these quitters and it is important that a social environment existing mostly of non smokers is created.

It has been found that if a person stops smoking and his/her spouse or closest friends keep on smoking the change of a relapse is certain.

What to do if you do get quit smoking depression:

  • There are ways to get rid of quit smoking depression. You could change your quitting method and use a nicotine replacement product like a gum or a patch slowly to wean you off smoking. The nicotine withdrawal from your body is slow and most likely your brain will get used to it.  A sudden chemical imbalance in your brain is avoided, and quit smoking depression will not occur. Or it could be mild, and you will certainly be able to handle it.
  • Drugs like Champix or Zyban (Wellbutrin) could be used, but you will have to consult a doctor.
  • Remember it is better deal with quitting smoking and depression, than dying of cancer.
  • The secret is to fight back to take control of your life again.
  • In one of the quit smoking forums, they said you must remember you will not die without cigarettes. No one ever did, neither will you.
  • Exercise, drink lots of water, healthy eating, save money, get back your life. Add years to your life. Try psychotherapy.
  • Remember the assistance of a person that is close to you are invaluable.
  • Join a support group or work through the quit smoking forums. Go sit in front of your computer and study the quit smoking forums or use yahoo answers. You will find so many people that you can relate to. Do it and help and be helped.
  • Try getting a blood test to see if you're missing any important vitamins, and if you are, supplements of those would help immensely.
  • Please do not make the mistake by looking at quit smoking as a loss. Seek actively for every thing you will gain by quitting.

What to do if you had depression prior to your quitting effort:

  • Consult your doctor and let him advice you and give a proper prescription. Do remember that it will be extremely difficult to handle quitting smoking and depression.
  • Even with professional assistance it will still be difficult, but you are able to quit and to beat your depression.
  • If you experience any sudden mood swings, see your doctor again, and may be change the drug you are using.
  • Remember quitting is difficult when you have depression, but you can quit. Many depressed people before you succeeded. So can you. Quitting smoking and depression can be beaten.

In Conclusion:

Quitting smoking and depression is real, and it tells you one thing. Smoking is a horrible addiction.

Free yourself. Make the decision and do it. Do your utmost to fight the depression. Stop smoking depression normally is only temporarily.

If you suffered depression prior to quitting get help.

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