Use quitting smoking aids to stop

Many available  quitting smoking aids  ease the quitting process  for anyone.

You must just find a suitable stop smoking aid. There are many to choose from.

Stop smoking aids can vary from a patch, lozenges, gums, spray or drugs.

It could be herbal, natural, books or hypnotherapy, but you must have a specific goal before you try to quit smoking.

—You must be determined to become an ex smoker.

Click here to tell us about a stop smoking aid that you used to try and end your smoking habit. Tell us your story, it could be beneficial to some one else.

What we have to do to find the right quitting smoking aids:

It is important to identify your own specific needs and shortcomings when looking to find the right aid.

Know you habits, keep your hands busy and train yourself. You must realize that the cravings will strike along the way. Then you must know what to do.

Find out and decide exactly what to do when the cravings seem to become unbearable.

Fight the cravings moment by moment, hour by the hour and day by day. Do it slowly, be patient, be motivated and always remember only a few people succeed with their first effort.

Remember that many people only succeeded after four or five efforts and with different quitting smoking aids.

What is important is that they kept on trying, and they kept on motivating themselves until they succeeded.

I had a lot of quit smoking experience myself. I remember all the efforts I had before I succeeded.

A quit smoking effort:

Once I went through a period where I decided that I would start smoking less each day. I decided that I would only smoke from four o clock in the afternoon. I felt that it would be a good test and to proof to myself that I could resist the temptation to smoke during the day.

It was my belief that I would immediately reduce my nicotine intake by at least 50%. I was convinced that 10 cigarettes would be enough from 16:00 to more or less 22:00 at night.

I still remember the cravings I had. You get that craving taste in your mouth. At first you get it on your tong. Then it spreads through your whole mouth. It becomes an all over craving in your mouth. Your brain convince you then that you cannot go without a cigarette any longer.

Then you smoke. This is a mistake, and you have to try again.

I succeeded in staying smoke free till 16:00 in the afternoon, but then I really enjoyed my smoke when it was “smoke time”. Instead of doing my planned 10 cigarettes till 22:00 hours, I did 20.

It just was not a successful effort, and I went back to my normal smoking procedure. This was only one of my many unsuccessful efforts to quit smoking, but I kept on trying.

Eventually I did succeed, because I used the right quitting smoking aids.

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