Quitting chewing tobacco to be save

Quitting chewing tobacco and rid yourself of toxic nicotine.  Chewing tobacco contains nicotine and a number of other toxic chemicals. It destroys  your body while using it.

Nicotine itself is toxic and very addictive. Once you are addicted chewing tobacco slowly destroys your body, and you could become very ill.

Chewing tobacco does not really cause damage to other people:

When using chewing tobacco you do not get passive smoke that is so poisonous to people around you. It is, however, detrimental to your self and eventually your chewing habit can destroy your health.

It will always be better to quit chewing tobacco:

I grew up in South Africa in a small town, in the Karoo, and I do remember the number of older people that used to chew tobacco, men, as well as women.

There were a couple of grocery shops in the town with big black rolls of chewing tobacco on the counters. Pay days when the old people got their pension they used to queue up for their pieces of chewing tobacco. Then they used to use their pocket knives to cut off a more or less one centimeter piece of chewing tobacco.

These old people hardly could wait long enough to pop a piece of black dirty poisonous chewing tobacco into their mouths. Then they started to chew it. They used to rotate it in their mouths, then this side and then the other side. Round and around it went.

Then they started to suck, swallow and spit. The spit was ugly yellowish, and it always looked a bit sticky to me, but I could never really inspect myself.

These old people never really tried to be quitting chewing tobacco. They were addicted. The first thing they used to buy on payday was their piece of chewing tobacco for the coming month.

It seemed to me these people have just accepted their addiction, and they just died with it. Many of these old people had sores in their mouths some had gum disease they had ugly lips and some became so thin I remember some times I thought the wind just could blow them over. Some of them died of cancer.

I always felt bad about the vicious circle these people have fallen into. They could never get out they never tried to be quitting chewing tobacco, and they just died like this. Some times it made me feel so bad and hopeless, and I realized the effect of nicotine addiction. At that stage, I could only pray that these people could start quitting chewing tobacco. I wish I could see them today and explain how they could educate themselves and to get rid of the nicotine addiction.

I remember once I stood in the shop while an old lady was waiting for her piece of chewing tobacco. She was in a hurry to get the chewing tobacco she was shaking, and she was just waiting to get hold of it. Once she got hold she grabbed a knife and quickly cut off a piece and stuffed it into her mouth. Then she started to chew. She then relaxed and only then could she calmly take out her money and pay the shop keeper.

May be these people never realized that they fed their systems with large amounts of nicotine and that it was taken into their bodies at a shockingly high rate.

To conclude:

Stop chewing tobacco and you will live longer. It is a fact that chewing tobacco poses the same threads as smoking does. The best to do is to try and get rid of this dangerous and deadly addiction.

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