Quitkey creates a smoking reduction plan to stop

Use Quitkey to create a personalized smoking reduction plan, and then systematically weans you off cigarettes over a specific time period.

The product is a handheld computer that indicates to us when to smoke and when not to smoke. It works slowly on a step by step basis and one day at a time.

How does this lifesign Quitkey work?

The handheld computer creates a schedule for the smoker, indicating when to smoke and when not to smoke.

The program is based on principles of behavior modification, and it will gradually wean one off tobacco.

This quitting smoking product works in two stages.

Stage 1- lasts 7 days. At this stage, we smoke at our normal rate. Every time we light a cigarette we use the smoke button to record it. The handheld computer registers our specific smoke pattern. It then uses the information to calculate a stop smoking program that is customized directly to you.

Stage 2- lasts 14 to 34 days depending on the strength of our addiction. During this stage Quitkey helps us to follow our stop smoking plan. It prompts us when to smoke. Every time it beeps you will smoke. The periods between smokes are gradually made longer, and our nicotine dependence will be reduced until we quit completely.

Both the physical and mental side of our tobacco addiction is addressed.-Physically By increasing the intervals between smoking, and mentally by changing our established smoking patterns.

Words of caution about the quit smoking device:

  • It is important to stick to the program and smoke as close as possible to the beep that is worked out for us in order to beat the smoking addiction. 
  • We have to exercise a certain amount of self control and commitment to follow the quit smoking program with success.

Facts worth mentioning about the Quit key stop smoking program:

  • The handheld computer is small and light, and it is designed to carry it around your neck where it is out of your way, but easy to get hold of when needed. 
  • No side effects will be experienced. 
  • The quit smoking product was developed and proven effective with the USA NIH grants. 
  • The hand held computer has been proven effective and is based in lifesign technology that already sold more than 1, 25 million units worldwide. 
  • The stop smoking program will be based on our habit, and we can break the nicotine addiction at our own pace. 
  • If you have a bad day and you smoke more than you are allowed to, the computer will adjust your program, and you can carry on with it. 
  • A free support hotline is available to call when one needs any support while busy with your quit smoking program. 
  • A 50 page booklet is included that gives helpful tips, information and motivation to help us while quitting. 
  • Additional assistance is given by an audio program that is included. It lists “The 21 best kept secrets of a quitter”. 
  • Positive results are guaranteed after two months if we strictly follow the prescribed program. 
  • This is a safe and natural product that does not use any drugs or chemicals.

To conclude:

I think the Lifesign stop smoking computer is a must have.

It is so easy to use it is a once off expenditure, and we will have our own personalized quit smoking plan.

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