Use the quit smoking shot to stop without withdrawal symptoms

The quit smoking shot blocks the nicotine receptors in your brain. You will not experience a desire for nicotine any more, and it becomes possible to free yourself of your nicotine addiction.

The intense physical withdrawal symptoms are alleviated, and quit smoking becomes more bearable.

Types of quit smoking shots:

The most used quit smoking injections are Welpex, Smart Shot and Quit 123.

Welpex is one of the wells known and most commonly prescribed shots. It is to be administered by a doctor in three doses. Welpex helps with the physical withdrawal symptoms.

Smart Shot is an advanced version of Welplex. It also helps with the physical withdrawal symptoms. A doctor must administer it, but only one shot is needed.

Quit 123 is administered by a doctor in three doses. It is one of the more recently introduced shots into the market, and it must be prescribed by a doctor.

You will quit the same day you have the shot.

Clinics that administer the quit smoking injection:

Several listings for different clinics are available on the net. When you look for a clinic, attention should be given to the following—

  • What medicine combinations are used?
  • The best is to look for a clinic with one-on-one counseling.
  • Your psychological addiction must also be addressed, and ongoing availability and support by experienced counselors will always be a better option. This will ensure proper behavior modification.

Facts worth mentioning about the stop smoking shot:

  •  If the shot scares you, or you are afraid that it will hurt, it is best to consider a shot that also contains a numbing ingredient. These shots are available, and it has helped many patients that were a bit scared in the past.
  •  It is said that the rate of success of the stop smoking injection is between 70% and 80%.
  • The price of the quit smoking injection is not too high, and there is health insurance available that covers the cost thereof.

Some cautioning facts:

  •  Medical testing should be done to determine whether you should use the stop smoking injection.
  • If the clinic you use to administer the shot does not provide follow up behavior modification it would be better using another.
  • An overdose or too many shots may cause heart failure or a coma. The procedure must always be performed by a doctor.
  • Pregnant women or people using certain medication should not use the shot.
  • Side effects such as vision problems, dry mouth, urinating problems, confusion, dizziness and change in appetite could be experienced.

To conclude:

The quit smoking injection is a valuable product. When using together with another stop smoking plan or program it can be more effective.

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