Attach the quit smoking patch onto your body to stop

Attach the quit smoking patch to your body and gradually wean you off smoking.

You can reduce nicotine intake and eventually completely stop your nicotine dependence.

You can take it, attach it, and forget about it for up to 24 hours.

Where to attach the patch:

Well my brother can sometimes be a very funny man. When he tried to quit using the patch he stuck it under the sole of his left foot. He did it before work and he put on his socks and shoes and he went to work.

It was very awkward and the patch did not work efficiently, but that was my brother’s fault.

There is not a best place to attach it, but it is better to pluck it anywhere above your waist and below the neck. Take a dry and clean spot on your body and stick it there.  Use a different spot every day and avoid skin rash.

Leave it there for up to twenty four hours.

How does the quit smoking patch work?

The stop smoking patch delivers a small amount of nicotine into the body in a controlled manner.

The idea is to reduce the amount of nicotine over a period of no more than 12 weeks. After 12 weeks you should be able to go without smoking.

Suffering due to withdrawal will be reduced to a minimum.

The patch is available in three dosages. Twenty one, fourteen and seven milligram.

You will begin to cut down the dosage according to the schedule as advised by your doctor. Then you stop completely at the end of the treatment period.

The amount of smokes you take per day will determine which patch you will begin with.

Several brands are available:

Nicoderm smoking patches;

One person says it so spot on. A low level of nicotine is supplied throughout the day to assist with the many ups and downs of the feed need cycle associated with smoking cessation.

Step two is also safe and not harmful at all. The nicotine that does enter the body is without the variety of toxins and tar contained in cigarette smoke.

The Nicoderm CQ 3 patch does not take away ALL of your cravings but it really makes it manageable. Stay with it, your quit smoking marathon has nearly come to an end.

Nicotine Transdermal stop smoking patches;

This is a great smoking patch with high value. The patch is really worth the effort.

The nicotine transdermal patches are used to smooth the quit smoking process. It really helps to curb the cravings and ease the withdrawal.

The quit smoking patches can help you to quit on time. Use it right and it will work wonders.

You can click the picture to try it.

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