Use quit smoking medication to deal with nicotine cravings

Quit smoking medication is used to ease the quitting process.

It helps the body to deal with the problems associated with nicotine withdrawal. It also helps to reduce the nicotine cravings a smoker has to deal with when he wants to quit.

Quit smoking medicine is a helpful aid when a person wants to quit. It is better use it as part of an overall quit smoking program, because it is imperative to have the right attitude and motivation when utilizing smoking cessation medication.

It is also important to see that you are assisted by your doctor when busy with the quit smoking process.

Different types of quit smoking medicine are available:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)—

NRT is available in the form of patches, gums, lozenges, nasal spray or a nicotine inhaler.

With NRT, you replace tobacco smoke with other nicotine substitutes. Small amounts of nicotine are delivered into your system without the dangerous chemicals associated with cigarette smoke.

The amount of nicotine is gradually reduced until you do not need any more. You can then carry on with you life without any nicotine cravings.

It is important to quit before you start using NRT, or you could become very ill due to a nicotine overdose. One must also take care not to use more than the prescribed quantity of the medication, because that could also cause a nicotine overdose.

A nicotine overdose could cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, body pain, respiratory problems and fainting.

NRT quit smoking medication should not be used by women whom are pregnant or breast feeding. It is also not meant for persons under the age of 18 years.

Non-nicotine prescriptions smoking medicine—

Two of the best known prescriptions quit smoking medications are Chantix and Zyban.

Chantix works in two ways it blocks the enjoyable effects that smoking has on the brain, and it reduces withdrawal symptoms. Chantix is in pill form, and it must be prescribed by a healthcare person.

Mostly people do have success when using Chantix, but some people give up using it because of severe side effects.

Zyban is a pill that suppresses your desire to smoke.

It is better not to use Zyban if you have high blood pressure or if you experience any heart problems.

Alternative stop smoking medication—

Alternative quit smoking medicines are developed from herbal extracts and are totally natural.

These herbal medicines act in a way, to make smoker dislike cigarettes, and quitting becomes much easier. These medicines act also as a safe “natural” antidepressant and are really effective in countering depression due to nicotine withdrawal.

Herbal stop smoking medicines is formulated to repair the damage caused by smoking and also to rid the body of toxins caused by your smoking habit.

Lobelia is mostly used in these quitting medicines. It acts as a replacement for nicotine, but it is not addictive.

To conclude:

There are many quit smoking medication and other stop smoking products available.

A single best medication is not available. It is important to sort your mental attitude towards smoking out and then you decide to use a proper medication.

Best is still to use a medication and combine it with a different quit smoking plan witch could be some counseling or behavioral modification program.

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