Quit smoking depression is normally caused because we fear

Quit smoking depression is caused because we do not want the loss of nicotine.

It can be seen as a depression with mainly two reasons.

  • Stop smoking depression can be caused due to the fact that you decided to quit smoking. This depression is normally because you think you will experience quit smoking as a complete loss. It becomes a big fear.
  • Some times smoking cessation depression can be experienced by persons who already had depression long before they decided to quit smoking. This is the serious depression and not always easy to manage.

Remember stop smoking depression should never be seen as a weakness. Depression is a reality and something you have to learn to manage.

Someone once said depression is caused by being too strong for too long.

We have to realize that some times we do need help.

Depression prior to quit smoking:

If you had experienced depression before you decided to stop smoking, I would say you must see it as very serious, and the best is to get as much support as possible.

One should get help before you even make your first attempt to quit smoking.

You do have a good change that quitting will worsen your depression in the short run. In the long run, however, you shall reap the benefit of setting yourself free from the nicotine addiction.

Do not try to quit without the help of your doctor and may be a support group, as well.

Quit smoking depression that is mainly caused by quitting:

You belief you will miss your cigarettes so much that it makes you anxious and eventually you do become depressed about it.

Also, you do experience the normal withdrawal symptoms from nicotine and some times that could make you very depressed.

This quit smoking depression is easy to conquer. In most cases, it will disappear completely if you succeed in managing it with success at the beginning stages.

If it becomes too serious I think best is to get help from a practitioner and may be a support group or groups.

How to quit when you are afraid of quitting smoking depression:

Depression is caused by the loss of nicotine. It will be good practice to quit with a nicotine replacement product.

You can then gradually wean you off nicotine, and you will not miss it so much and may be reduce the depressive moods.

You can also use hypnosis or a behavioral change program to ease the quitting process.

Ziban can be used as well, because this is a good anti-depressant.

What can be done about quit smoking depression:

I think we should realize that we do not have a single best answer as far as quit smoking and depression is concerned. It varies from person to person.

Many people say it is good to exercise, because exercise is seen as a good anti-depressant.

Some say you must eat healthy, drink much water, eat much fruit and vegetables or even use some herbal supplements.

I did not really experience depression when I stopped, but I have to say that I had tried many times before I succeeded.

I succeeded to quit with a quit smoking book. The book is called “How to stop smoking and stay stopped”. It has taught me how to change my thoughts about smoking and how to handle nicotine cravings.

I have read the book twice, and then I summarized some parts I planned to apply. I then started to apply it, and it worked. Quitting never felt like a loss. I was relaxed about it and it worked without experiencing any severe depression.

Becoming an ex-smoker set me free again, but you should remember that it had taken me a couple of efforts before I succeeded.

To conclude:

Remember to seek help when the quit smoking depression becomes too difficult to handle. Do not try and be too strong for too long

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