Use The quit smoking bible to stop easy

The  Quit smoking bible uses cognitive behavioral therapy to make quitting easy and painless.

The e-book uses a simple set of concepts and ideas to ease the quitting process.

The writer of the e-book, Tom Dainty, used to smoke 25 cigarettes a day. He tried and tested the concepts in this book.

He did a lot of research and eventually found the right combination of beliefs, concepts and decisions to make quitting smoking a success story.

Tom Dainty used his own, tried and tested method to ease the process of freeing yourself of the nicotine addiction.

The 23 reasons of why it seems impossible to quit on our own are explained in detail. Then he guides us finally to quit.

This is a short e-book. It is immediately downloadable and consists of 59 pages. This stop smoke book is designed for ease of use.

Cognitive, behavioral therapy is used to break our smoking problem into a series of small problems. Every individual concern we have about smoking is then addressed in a step by step method. The big quit smoking goal is broken into small action steps, and quitting becomes a reality.

Again, as with a good quitting smoking book, Tony stresses the fact that one should finish reading the e-book and only then attempt to stop. In the book, we are shown how to become an ex-smoker from being a smoker. Only after finishing the book we have actually to make the choice.

Some important facts that are stressed in the Quit  smoking bible:

  • Want to be quitters are forced to make certain decisions, and they have to change some beliefs in order to quit successfully.
  • Beliefs and concepts about smoking must be changed before a person tries to quit. If these changes are not made before the time quitting becomes almost impossible.
  • When our attitude towards smoking is changed we will reach the point where quitting becomes easy and without stress.

Some positives associated with this quit smoking book:

  • You can quit with ease and no stress or sense of loss will be experienced.
  • A 56 day 100% refund guarantee is given, and money will be paid back without any questions asked.
  • Unlimited e-mail support is supplied. We will be helped, and every key concept and idea, in this stop smoke book, will be explained if so required.

To conclude:

This quit smoke book is fairly new and without a long history. It does, however, succeed in changing peoples thoughts, and a number of people did already manage to quit successfully.

The Stop smoking bible can be used to quit easy and without any pain and hardship.

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