Philna Kruger

by Philna
(Goodwood, South Africa)

I started smoking shortly after I left school just because everybody around me was smoking.

Apart from smoking being very unhealthy, it also became pretty expensive. I made the decision to quit as I did not want to grow old with a cigarette in my hand.

I did not want my grandchildren to ever see me smoking. Even though I did not have grandchildren at that stage I knew it was only a matter of time.

I decided just to use willpower and to stop smoking on a certain given day. This is exactly what I have done.I just stopped cold turkey and that was it.

I had my last cigarette during the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final. I decided not to ever light a cigarette again and with the help of our Heavenly Father I can today in all honesty say that I never did.

I believe that it is possible for every smoker to quit, but a smoker first of all has to make the decision to quit and then pray to God for help.

Then you must see to it that your lips never touch a cigarette again.

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