Use patches to stop smoking to stop

Patches to stop smoking help you to gradually wean you off nicotine addiction.

It is a valuable aid in your fight against nicotine addiction. The patch helps you to control the amount of nicotine you allow into your body.

By controlling the amount of nicotine that you allow into your system it is possible to wean you off your nicotine addiction during a certain period of time.

How does the patches to stop smoking work?

A patch contains a certain amount of nicotine. The nicotine is released through a membrane during a 24 hour period.

You can stick the patch to the skin. A controlled amount of nicotine is then released into the body via your skin.

By using quit smoking patches that contain lesser amounts of nicotine it is possible to wean you off cigarettes.

Normally you will use patches for a couple of days, after which you replace it with a patch that contains less nicotine. You will repeat this process with patches that always reduce the amount of nicotine.

After a couple of weeks, you will be gradually weaned off cigarettes.

My experience with smoking cessation patches:

During my efforts to stop smoking, I once tried to use the patch, but it did not work for me. I was impatient, and did not follow the do’s and do not’s of the included labels.

I remember I did not stick to the exact procedures that were included. I deviated from the prescriptions, and it was fatal. It just did not work.

I became a bit sick due to the various and irregular amounts of nicotine that I added into my body.

I even decided to smoke again while I was still using the patches. That made it worse than ever, and I decided that the patches to quit  smoking were no good and I stopped using it, and for a couple of years I still kept on smoking.

My brother on the other hand, also decided to use the patch to quit smoking, but he is a much more disciplined man than I am.

He bought the  patches to quit smoking, he followed the prescriptions to the letter and he managed immediately to quit smoking.

My Message:

You can use the patches to stop smoking if you want to quit smoking and you do have a fair change to succeed, but be responsible.

Please follow the instructions to precisely control the amount of nicotine that enters your body.

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