Use Paipo inhalers to substitute cigarettes

Paipo Inhalers are used to substitute cigarettes without nicotine intake.

The plastic cigarette is manufactured in Japan and can be used to reduce cigarette smoking or completely to stop smoking.

What is a Paipo cigarette?

It is an alternative cigarette that is made from plastic. This is not an e-cigarette.

It is flavored and can be thrown away after being used for several times. Depending on the frequency and time in use the flavor can last between 24 and 48 hours.

The fake cigarette can be used for several times during this period.

How to use the the product:

It is suggested that the cigarette be used by smokers who struggle to get over the hand to mouth movement of the addiction. This tool is very effective in breaking this behavioral dependence of smokers.

You can use the cigarette wherever and whenever you need it. People “smoke” it at places where they are not allowed to smoke. It is good for pregnant women to use as a cigarette substitute. It is also a perfect quit smoking product.

When you need it take it out take off the lid at one end and smoke it till the flavor is gone. Then throw it away and use the next flavored cigarette.

These inhalers are wonderful substitutes. You can use it when you need it. I remember while I was still smoking it happened that I got into situations and places where I was not allowed to smoke.

I still remember how I suffered and longed for just one puff, especially when I was busy with long meetings where cigarette smoking was not allowed.

I am happy that I managed to quit smoking, because this is the best, but a second best in the form of one of these inhalers could provide welcome relief.

Facts worth mentioning:

  • Paipo cigarettes are available in four different flavors—spearmint, honey&lemon, grapefruit and cinnamon. - It is suggested that you try the different flavors and use the one you like most. Alternatively you can use all the flavors at different intervals.
  • The inhalers really help to control irritability and stress due to withdrawal symptoms.
  • The manufacturer is happy that Paipo is a safe and an easy to use product.

To Conclude:

This nicotine free inhaler can be a great substitute, and it really eases the quitting process.

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