Quit with Nixotinex and cleanse the body

The Nixotinex quit smoking medicine is a natural alternative to help us to stop the smoking habit.

A homeopathic program is used to help us to fight the nicotine cravings.

 At the same time, a special homeopathic combination of plants is used to detoxify the body.

The remedy was formulated by the homeopathic pharmacist Michele Boivert. When using the formula it is possible to quit smoking within a period of 6 days.

Capsules are used to fight the nicotine cravings, and a liquid provides for the detoxification of the body.

How does the stop smoking medicine work?

A six day quit smoking kit is provided; it includes capsules and a liquid formula.

The capsules use natural ingredients gradually to reduce tobacco cravings.

The capsules help us to develop distaste for tobacco. The capsules also act on the nervous system. This is to prevent irritability, nervousness and anxiety.

A liquid combination of plants is used quickly to detoxify the body while we are in the process of quitting.

The specific actions of the homeopathic ingredients are as followed;

Tabacum is used to create the aversion for tobacco.

Lobelia acts to fight palpitations.

Ignatia helps to control emotions.

Caladium reduces depression and irritability.

Gelsemium helps to control trembling.

Argentum nit helps to relief vertigo and anxiety.

Cocollus helps you to handle nausea.

Nicotinum helps with the detoxification process.

How to use the quit smoking medicine:

As soon as you start using the stop smoking kit, (the pills and liquid drops) you should immediately stop smoking.

The kit helps us to control nicotine cravings.

Part one of the stop smoking kit contains 60 capsules.

The capsules are numbered, and we should take one capsule 5 times per day for 6 days.

For best results, we must allow the capsule to dissolve under the tongue.

Part two of the stop smoking kit contains 60 ml detoxification liquid.

It is suggested that one takes 15 drops in the morning and at night away from meals.

For best results, you should keep the liquid under the tongue for about 60 seconds before you swallow it.

Words of caution:

  • It is best to avoid coffee, stimulants, sweets, spices and fat foods when using this natural quit smoking product.
  • One must have a real desire and some willpower to quit successfully when you use this stop smoking kit.
  • The product should be kept out of reach of children.

Facts about Nixotinex:

  • The kit helps us to stop tobacco smoke, it causes distaste for cigarettes, and it helps you quickly to rid yourself of toxic chemicals caused by the smoking habit.
  • This is a stop smoking program that works quickly and it is easy to use.
  • When we use this product the withdrawal is easy to handle.
  •  is an all natural product.

To conclude:

Feedback that was received describes the quit smoking program as an excellent product that really makes a difference.

Using this quit smoking medicine could make one smoke free forever.

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