Use Nirdosh herbal cigarettes to stop

Use Nirdosh herbal cigarettes to replace your ordinary cigarettes.

The cigarettes  are a dual purpose smoke. It can be used to replace cigarettes that contain tobacco.

It can also be used to wean you off cigarettes and then eventually you can quit.

How to use the herbal smokes  just to replace your cigarette smoking:

Whenever you get tempted to smoke a normal cigarette you just take a herbal cigarette.

You can inhale the herbal smoke, and it can still feel like smoking, but without the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

This is a great product to use if you are a social smoker and want to smoke something and hold something while you are partying.

The herbal cig is a great product to keep you from using dangerous nicotine containing products.

Minimal to moderate use is normally the safest way to administer herbal cigarettes.

How to use the Nirdosh cigarettes completely to quit:

Month one- Set your quit date 1 month after you have purchased herbal cigarettes.

During this month, you can smoke the herbal smokes in conjunction with your regular cigarettes.

To make quitting easier you can start a hobby or exercise program. You can also start to identify and implement behavioral changes you have to make completely to quit the smoking habit.

Month two- As soon as the quit date arrives you have to throw away all your nicotine containing smokes.

You can carry on with your exercise program/hobby, and now you must only smoke the  cigarettes  from 3 – 6 times per day.

Weight gain will be prevented, your appetite will be controlled, and nicotine cravings will be reduced.

Month three- By now the physical addiction will hopefully be gone. You can keep the  herbal cigarettes  with you and smoke it when the need arises.

Normally that need should not arise too often.

Facts worth mentioning about the herbal cigarettes:

  • The herbal cigs helps with digestion it increases metabolism, and it helps to remove toxins from the chest and lungs.
  • With the herbal cigarettes, smoking can be enjoyed without the negative effects of tobacco smoking.
  • When used in a moderate way herbal cigarettes can improve health.
  • It  is a pure natural product, and when used no more nicotine will be delivered into your system.
  • Testimonials w.r.t. the  herbal cigarettes are very positive.
  • This is a truly hand-made herbal product.
  • The cigarette is safe to use, and it is an excellent replacement for nicotine addiction.

Side effects:

No side effects that may interfere with medical treatment have been reported to date.

To conclude:

The  herbal cigarette is an excellent and safe replacement for tobacco addiction. It is tobacco free, nicotine free and a worry free product.

As is required from a proper quit smoking product, it is easy to carry with you and have it available when needed.

Use Nirdosh herbal cigarette  to replace nicotine containing cigarettes or better use it to wean you completely off smoking.

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