Use the nicotrol inhaler to stop

The nicotrol inhaler gradually reduces the nicotine that is provided to your body. 

It mimics a cigarette while it  delivers a safe dose of nicotine into the mouth.

How does the Nicotrol inhaler work?

It delivers a low dose of nicotine via a mouthpiece while it also helps to maintain the hand to mouth ritual of smoking.

The nicotine is  deposited into the mouth and not direct into the lungs.

The nicotine that is delivered into your body is gradually reduced and after a couple of months you should be free of your addiction.

How to use the inhaler:

When you start using the inhaler it is important to stop smoking immediately. This is because the inhaler provides a source of nicotine that is suppose to replace the nicotine that is delivered while using cigarettes. 

The inhaler consists of a mouthpiece and a plastic cartridge. It delivers 4mg nicotine from a porous plug that contains 10 mg nicotine. A mouthpiece and 42 cartridges are included in each inhaler package.

During the first 6 to 12 weeks, you should use between 6 and 16 cartridges per day. During the remaining 3 months, you should use a gradual reduction program until you are free of the nicotine addiction.

One cartridge provides about 400 puffs. The best results are obtained when you puff on each cartridge for about 20 minutes.

Facts worth mentioning about the nicotrol inhaler:

  • The inhaler produces a substitute for the nicotine that you stop providing to your body when you give up smoking.
  • When using the inhaler it largely assists you with countering the physical smoking habit, because your familiar hand-to-mouth ritual is maintained.
  • The inhaler is a good replacement, because it works like a cigarette and it is a bit as if you continue smoking when using it.
  • Most of the nicotine provided by the inhaler is deposited into the mouth and not into the lungs as it is when smoking tobacco.

Words of caution about the Nicotrol inhaler: 

  • It must be remembered that the nicotine inhaler is most effective for smoking cessation when used together with a behavioral modification program.
  • Opened and unopened cartridges should be kept out of reach of pets and children due to the danger of nicotine poisoning.
  • The product must not be used by women who are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Care should be taken that you never take excessive doses of nicotine, because it is toxic and a large overdose could be fatal.
  • Your doctor should be informed of any medicines you use as well as any medical condition you have, before you use the inhaler.
  • The inhaler must not be shared with any other person.
  • The product is not to be used by persons below the age of 18 years.
  • If you keep on smoking while using the inhaler you could suffer from nicotine intoxication due to a nicotine overdose.
  •  The inhaler should not be used for a period longer than six months, because any nicotine is toxic and can be addictive, as well.

To conclude:

The product should only be used when prescribed by a doctor.

The leaflet that is provided with the inhaler must be studied properly.

If you miss a dose use it as soon as possible or skip it and use the next dose if you are too close to it.

You should not use two doses at the same time.

The Nicotrol inhaler is a well used nicotine replacement product.

It is easy to use, easy to carry with you and a high rate of success has been claimed.

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