Use Nicotonic to ease withdrawal

Use Nicotonic to ease the process when you stop smoking.

Use Triple Complex medicine to assist you with irritability, stress and restlessness associated with nicotine withdrawal when you quit smoking.

It really helps to ease moodiness.

Triple Complex helps to promote the bio-availability of bio-chemicals, hormones and nutrition’s that get depleted by the stress of nicotine withdrawal.

The herbs to quit smoking product is a homeopathic formula. It is a combination of three biochemical cellular supporting tissue salts. These salts are Kali phos, Nat mur and Nat phos.

Functions of tissue salts:

Nat Phos  is used to soothe the nervous system when quit smoking.

Kali Phos helps to soothe jittery nerves, and it helps to prevent irritability and short temper while quitting.

Nat Mur helps to remove toxins that built up in the body while you were smoking.

The main functions of these quit smoking herbs:

  • This homeopathic product will optimize health in the body cells.
  • It helps you to relax and reduce restlessness and irritability when you are busy to quit smoking.
  • The product ensures the balance of biochemical tissue salts in the body.
  • Triple Complex helps to prevent the ‘short fuse’ syndrome when a person wants to stop smoking. (The short fuse syndrome occurs when things that normally only irritates you a bit can become major stress triggers. It can even cause increased hostility)

How to use Triple Complex:

A bottle of Triple Complex contains 360 tablets. Normally one bottle lasts for a month, but it will depend on the frequency of use.

It is meant for all ages and 2 to 4 tablets can be taken as needed.

The tablets are small and very pleasant-tasting. You can chew or dissolve it directly in the mouth.

These pills are very effective, and it does very well as a stand alone product.

Facts worth mentioning about Nicotonic:

Triple Complex is very safe, and you will not run any risks of overdosing.

  • The pills are safe for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • This quit smoking medicine will not interfere with any other prescription drugs.
  • The product is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • The manufacturers of this product follow a do no harm policy and no animal testing on this product are done whatsoever.
  • A one year unconditional money back guarantee is offered with this natural stop smoking product.
  • Triple Complex is safe, natural and non addictive.
  • he product is very effective, and a high reorder rate is reported which is an indication of its high rate of success.

To Conclude:

Quitting can be tough. It is, therefore, important to use all the help we can get.

Use the Tonic in your quit smoking effort, but it is recommended that you use additional quit-smoking tonics that are available in the complete Stop Smoking Ultra pack.

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