The Nicotine Transdermal System gradually weans us off smoking

The nicotine transdermal system uses nicotine filled patches to help us quit smoking during a certain period of time.

The amount of nicotine that is fed into the body is gradually reduced, and we can stop smoking with relative ease and without too much withdrawal symptoms.

What is a transdermal patch?

Transdermal drug delivery is the delivering of medicine through our skin. It is done by making use of a patch that is attached to the skin.

Drugs are then slowly delivered into the body at a controlled way. It is possible to control the amounts by using an adhesive patch. The patch slowly releases the drugs into the body during several hours.

Patches that contain different amounts of drugs are used. By attaching these different patches at different time intervals, you can control the amount of drugs that are fed into the body.

How does the nicotine transdermal patch work?

When you wear this stop smoking patch nicotine is slowly released into the body via the skin. The amount of nicotine that is fed into the body is controlled by the patch that we wear. This amount of nicotine is normally less than the amount that is produced when smoking a cigarette.

The nicotine that is taken in via the patch is also much cleaner, and less damage is done to the body. This is because no dirty smoke with chemicals is used to carry the nicotine into the body.

Normally we wear a patch that provides a larger amount of nicotine to the body. Then we gradually reduce the amount of nicotine by wearing patches hat produce a smaller amount of nicotine.

This gradual reduction method makes the body used to a lesser amount that is fed into the system.

If it is done in the right manner and in the controlled way that is prescribed, it is possible to wean us off cigarettes without suffering to many withdrawal symptoms.

Normally we wean us off cigarettes over a period of ten weeks or less by making use of a three step method.

During step one, a 21mg patch is used for a period of six weeks if we smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day.

When we use this patch, the 21 mg nicotine is delivered during 24 hours, after which we replace the old patch with a new one.

During step two, we make use of a 14 mg patch for a period of two weeks. During these two weeks, only 14 mg of nicotine is delivered into the body during a 24 hour period.

It is advisable to start with the 14mg patch if we smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day.

If we smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day, it will not be necessary to pay for and complete the whole quit smoking program.

We only have to complete the final four weeks of the course saving us ample time and money.

Step three involves the using of patches that contain only 7 mg of nicotine.

Step three is also used for a period of two weeks.

Only 7mg of nicotine per 24 hours is now fed into the body

The full program should be completed by making use of a new patch per day. After the ten week period or fewer, if we smoke less than ten per day, we should be weaned off cigarettes for good.

Words of caution  about the Nicotine Transdermal System:

  • The nicotine transdermal system should not be used when pregnant or breastfeeding, because nicotine can do harm to children.
  • It important that we read the self help guide that is included before we start using the patch.
  • If a person is younger than 18 years, he/she should seek advice from a doctor before using the product.

  • We should not keep on smoking once we start using the quit smoking patches.
  • We have to consult a doctor if we experience cardiovascular problems before using the nicotine transdermal system.
  • The patches should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

Facts worth mentioning about the nicotine transdermal system:

  • A behavioral support program as well as a self help program and CD are included when we purchase the system.

Withdrawal symptoms:

Withdrawal symptoms are kept to a minimum when we use the patches.

My experience with the patch:

Five years before I managed to quit smoking for good I decided to quit by making use of the patch.

I bought it, and I used it, and it made me feel very sick. It just did not work for me and I just stopped using it, and I kept on smoking for another five years.

The problem was that I did never study the directions to use in a thorough manner, and I eventually had to pay a very high price for being so very reluctant.

Please if anyone wants to use the system we should buy it and study it to educate ourselves a bit and then we should use it.

If we do that a high rate of success is possible.

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