Choose one of the different methods to remove nicotine stains on fingers

Nicotine stains on fingers of an old lady is what I saw when I entered a shop many years ago.

I remember I saw her at the counter while buying three packets of cigarettes.

She was shaking; she did not pay at first.

The first thing she did was to open a packet of cigarettes put one in the mouth and lit it.

After the lady lit the first cigarette she calmed down and she paid for the smokes. It made a huge impression on me.

Nicotine addiction has an influence on your whole being. It is really sad.

What shocked me most about the old lady was the nicotine stains on her fingers. It was like her brand. She used to hold the smoking cigarette in her left hand. Her thumb and the two fingers next to it were a dirty brown and yellow color. Even the nails were stained dark.

I remember thinking to my self that I never wanted to have a color like that. What shocked me more is that I was also a smoker at that stage. I new with a sudden clarity that I did not want those nicotine stains on fingers.

How could the old lady rid herself of nicotine stains on fingers?

The most common desire from smokers and ex smokers about nicotine stain on the fingers is how to get rid of it.

No smoking- -

No smoking obviously, we would say, or less smoking would also work.

Sandpaper- -

To lesson these stains it is a good idea to take a matchbox and use the sandpaper edge to file it away.

Bleach- -

  • Mix bleach and washing up liquid and apply it with a nail brush. You can scrub it off after a couple of minutes.
  • Use a weak bleach solution to soak in for about 5 minutes a go five times a day. Be careful of bad reaction. Sop the method if you encounter any bad reactions.

We should remember though that bleach is extremely harsh and dangerous. Do not use too much bleach.

Use hand cream or a moisturizer to prevent a bleach smell. 

Toothpaste- -

Rub toothpaste on your finger and scrub it with a toothbrush. It will loosen a lot of the nicotine stains.

Lemon- -

Rub the stained fingers firmly with half a lemon. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes up to five times per day. You will get rid of most of the nicotine stains.

Lemon is safe to use.

Potatoes- -

Nicotine stains can also be removed by rubbing it with peeled potatoes 5 to 10 times per day. A good idea is to peel 10 or more potatoes daily and the nicotine stains on fingers will disappear.

Aspirin- -

Another method that works to remove nicotine stains on fingers is to dissolve an aspirin tablet in a cup of hot water. Soak the fingers and the stains will go away.

An excellent idea is to make a paste using an aspirin and a few drops of water. You can then coat the stained fingers with the paste and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes you wash your hands properly.

Time- -

Time heals nicotine stains, but it will take long. Taking vitamin C and E will speed up the process and new skin will develop to replace the old and stained skin.

Facts worth mentioning about nicotine stains on fingers:

Remember when you have nicotine stains people will brand you as a person whom is not living hygienically and clean.

Another more serious fact about nicotine stains is that when your fingers are really stained from too much smoking more serious issues already exist in your body. Yellow fingers can be an indication of serious lung disease.

These are things we seriously want to avoid. Quitting smoking is the best solution.

How could the old lady avoid the stains on fingers?

  • She could daily apply vitamin E oil on to the hands. Nicotine will not stain your hands and fingers, and your skin will stay soft and healthy.

  • The old lady could just frequently wash her hands with soap and water. Warm water works best, but cold water will also do the trick.

In a conclusion:

The advice on this page is good for smokers and ex smokers. Use it try and test it to get a healthy looking skin and unstained fingers again. Get rid of nicotine stains on fingers.

Remember the best solution is to quit smoking now and let the healing work over time.

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