Use Quickmist nicotine spray to stop

Use nicotine spray to either control nicotine intake or to completely quit your nicotine addiction.

Quickmist  spray was my friend Jack’s last resort to quit smoking. Jackie was a heavy smoker and he tried many times to quit.

He also failed many times, but he never stopped trying.

Then he ordered the Quickmist spray and he never looked back again. He never smoked since the day he used Nicorette Quickmist for the first time in his life.

This spray was ideal for my heavy smoker friend to help him quit smoking. It is small, easy to use and convenient to always carry it with you.

The nicorette mouth spray is part of nicotine replacement therapy. This is whereby nicotine is provided to the body in a different manner than smoking. It is possible to control the amount of nicotine that enters the body.

When using NRT no smoke or tar enter the body.

Nicorette Quickmist then is an  oral spray that is used in the place of a cigarette when the cravings strike. It is then possible to control your cravings.

Over a certain period of time the amount of nicotine into the body is gradually reduced and eventually you can become smoke free.

If you do not want to quit smoking you can also use the nicotine spray for nicotine intake and therefore change the manner in which you let nicotine enters the body.

Taking nicotine in this manner is not the ultimate solution, but it is better than smoking. Fewer toxins enter the body when you use this system of no smoking.

Two things convinced my friend Jackie to use this nicotine spray. He could take the spray with him and use it where and whenever he wanted to. He could also reduce his intake of toxic smoke, but still could maintain a nicotine intake when he wanted to.

Who can use the nicotine replacement spray?

The quit smoking spray can be used by persons that want to reduce their intake of toxic smoke. It can also be used by smokers who want to replace the manner of nicotine intake where and when situations arise where they cannot or are not allowed to smoke.

The nicotine spray can be used by persons like my friend Jackie. Being a heavy smoker it suited him well, but provision is also made for moderate and light smokers.

Variations in frequency of use and amount of sprays per instance make the stop smoking product very flexible. It  is possible for a wide variety of smokers to benefit from this nicotine replacement product.

How to use the nicotine  spray:

Do not use the spray like my friend Jackie has done when he bought it the first time. He held the spray to far away from his mouth and he pointed it slightly away from his mouth. What a disaster.

Jack inhaled some of the nicotine spray through his nose. Some of the spray entered his eyes. He was burning. His throat was on fire as well as his nostrils and his eyes.

He was coughing and had to fight to catch his normal breath again. Jackie did it the wrong way.

We have to do it the right way in order to get maximum results and also to avoid unnecessary negative impact.

Do  as follow;

Keep close and point towards the mouth.

The best is to spray the Nicorette Quickmist under your tongue.  Open the mouth wide lift the tongue and spray.

For best results it is suggested not to swallow immediately. Keep in the mouth for a couple of seconds. Time is now allowed for the nicotine to be taken into the body via linings in the mouth. Quick relief of nicotine cravings is now  achieved.

Be warned that the first couple of times you use the nicotine spray it will be a bit unpleasant. After four or five times you will be used to it. It gives a bit of an unpleasant taste and a burning sensation where the spray touches the mouth.

Remember this will only be the first couple of times.  It helps to rinse the mouth with water, but soon you will be used to it and the unpleasantness will be forgotten.

Frequency of use:

The nicotine spray can be used at different intervals and different sprays per interval.

One spray contains about 1mg of nicotine.

Use the spray in the place of cigarettes. When you crave a cigarette take a spray. If you still crave a cigarette take another spray.

It is important to never use more than 2 sprays at one time and never more than 4 sprays per hour and no more than 64 sprays per 24 hour cycle.

After 6 weeks the intake should be slowly reduced.

After 9 weeks the intake should be half the amount you took during the first six weeks.

At the end of the 9 week period you have three week s to gradually reduce the intake to no more than four sprays every day.

At the end of week 12 you should stop using the nicotine spray and you should be able to operate without cigarettes and any other source for nicotine intake.

It can be dangerous to use the Nicorette spray for longer than 12 weeks.

My friend Jackie was moving from Johannesburg to Sydney when he started using Nicorette Quickmist. His intention only was to temporarily reduce the number of cigarettes he was smoking per day.

He realized that the oral spray suited him well as soon as he started using it. He started at 2 sprays every instant and on the brink of 48 sprays per day, but somewhere along the line it worked for him. 

After three months his nicotine cravings were under control and he has never smoked again.

Facts worth mentioning about the nicotine spray:

  • When using the spray nicotine enters the body via linings in the mouth giving quick relief to nicotine cravings. Sixty seconds and the urge is gone.
  • It has been proven that this Nicorette spray double your changes to quit smoking comparing to use willpower alone.
  • Being so easy to handle and an always have it available  due to the ease of carrying it with you, it is possible to relief the nicotine  cravings whenever it strikes.
  • If behavioral therapy and support is used with the Quickmist spray the rate of success will raise remarkably.
  • Quickmist is a safer alternative to smoking for smokers as well as  those people around them. No inhaling of second hand smoke occurs.
  • Shelf life is two years and it should be kept at a temperature less than 25 degrees Celsius.
  • When using the nicotine spray it is safe to drive and operate machines.

Words of caution:

  • One should always take care not to take an overdose of nicotine. A nicotine overdose is disastrous and it makes you  feel  miserable. If it happens you must immediately go for treatment.
  • The leaflet that is included should be read carefully before the replacement product is used.
  • Keep away from children, because the amount of nicotine that can be handled by adults can be deadly toxic to children.
  • When taking longer than the prescribed time and more than the prescribed sprays nicotine dependence can be experienced.  Be very careful.
  • A small amount of alcohol is present in the spray.
  • Nicorette Quickmist is a safer alternative to smoking during pregnancy, but it is still better to quit when pregnant.
  • As far as breastfeeding is concerned it is better not to smoke or to keep nicotine intake to zero.  When using Quickmist though the nicotine intake is less damaging for babies than second hand smoke.
  • As experienced by Jackie spraying Quickmist into the eyes should be avoided at all costs. It can be very painful. Rinse with water if sprayed into the eyes.
  • Acidic drinks like coffee can cause absorption of the spray to be less effective if the spray  is taken within 15 minutes after drinking the liquid.
  • Non smokers and children under the age of 12 years should never use the nicotine spray.

Side effects associated with Nicorette Quickmist:

The following can be experienced;

Dysphoria or depressed mood, Insomnia, irritability, frustration or anger.

Anxiety,  difficulty concentrating, restlessness or impatience, decreased heart rate and  increased appetite or weight gain.

Some positive reviews:

Many reviews from people who used and experienced the nicotine Quickmist mouth spray are available.

One person said;

He used the Quickmist spray to quit smoking. The first couple of times it was burning and a bit unpleasant. He sprayed it under his tongue and it was much better.

Side effects he experienced were a sick feeling, increase of saliva in the mouth and a form of a head rush.

Once he got used to the minty taste he started to love it and it helped him to quit permanently.

Another person said;

The nicotine spray is a cheap solution.

You have to practice to push the pump completely down to get a fine spray to avoid getting too much a concentration of spray into your throat. 

She ignored the instructions in the beginning and took three sprays into her throat when using it the first time. It burned like hell.

Her advice is to carefully read the instructions before using. Keep the spray in the mouth for a while and hold your breath. It is extremely effective and it removes the nicotine cravings within a short instance of time.

It provides a sufficient nicotine fix without the toxic smoke and it helps you to quit smoking.

Another user of Quickmist said the following;

The quit smoking spray is amazing. He smoked for 25 years and tried many options until he decided on Nicorette spray.

After that his words were short and oh so sweet. “One NRT product and a lifetime of misery is saved.”

What my friend Jackie had to say:

Buy the nicotine spray, read the instructions and apply it.

Use this dual purpose spray. You can use it to either completely quit smoking or you can use it to control your nicotine cravings.

You can then cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke by occasionally replacing it with the mouth spray.

Click here to go to the Quickmist nicotine spray.

› Nicorette Quickmist.

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