Use Nicotine Lozenge to wean you off cigarettes

Use Nicotine Lozenge and stop smoking within a period of 12 weeks by using gradual reduction.

Suck the  lozenges and then park it to quit effectively without other people even noticing it.

Suck it and park it until the lozenge is dissolved.

One lozenge candy can last between 20 and 30 minutes.

During this time the quit smoking candy will dissolve slowly in your mouth.

The stop smoking lozenge can be used to wean you off cigarettes at your own pace and with minimum withdrawal symptoms.

How does the nicotine candy work?

Lozenges are manufactured in 2mg and 4mg doses. Heavy smokers should start with the 4mg candy.

Put a lozenge in your mouth and suck it. While sucking the lozenge nicotine is slowly released into the bloodstream via the linings in your mouth. It works fast and effectively.

How to use the Nicotine Lozenge:

You suck until you get a peppery taste. This is the nicotine that is slowly released. As soon as you get the taste park the lozenge between gum and cheek.

Park it until the peppery taste is gone and then suck again to repeat the process.

The lozenge lasts for about 30 minutes. Try and allow between two and four hours between each candy.

Use the lozenges for no longer than 12 weeks. If it is needed to use for a longer period you should talk to your doctor.

Normally though after a period of 12 weeks you should be able to carry on with your life without being nicotine dependant any more.

A variety of  lozenges are available:

Nicorette mini  Lozenge Mint 2 milligram;

The mini lozenge is effective and the flavor is not too overwhelming.

This nicotine candy can definitely get you through your cravings.

Nicorette mini Lozenge Mint 4 milligram

Suck the lozenge and use it for preventative measures.

The product helps you to be strong against social temptations.

Nicorette Lozenge, Mint, 2mg

This is a great product that definitely helps to stop cravings.

Ease withdrawal.

Nicorette Lozenge, Mint, 4mg,

An effective nicotine replace ment product to reduce and eventually quit smoking.

The lozenge has a decent taste and it works great.

Equate  Lozenge 2 Mg, Stop Smoking Aid, Cherry Flavor

The lozenge helps you to get through the urges.

The cherry flavor is enjoyable and it is a pleasure to use.

Equate  Lozenge 4 mg, Stop Smoking Aid, Cherry Flavor

The lozenge is effective and can also be used by tobacco chewers.

Suck the lozenge and wave goodbye to your cigarettes.

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