Do a nicotine detox to rid the body from nicotine

Do a nicotine detox to rid the body from toxic nicotine that built up in the body while smoking.

The nicotine in tobacco plants is deadly poisonous and it kills insects.

 When we smoke we run a tremendous risk by putting this deadly insect killer into our systems, and it could causes a slow death.

Do a detox and stop the slow dying.

Detox nicotine and the body:

The body does have the wonderful ability continuously to try and rid itself of the harmful things we do to it The problem is that while we are smoking the amounts of toxic nicotine we put into the system are too much for the body to handle.

These too big doses of nicotine that we feed into the body are becoming too poisonous to handle. The average smoker put between 20 and 40 milligram of toxic nicotine into his system on a daily basis.

This is too much for the body to handle while we are smoking. We should remember that nicotine in too high doses will cause tremors. It can cause vomiting, convulsions and death. We always have to be very careful when playing around with nicotine intake.

We must be careful when quit smoking with nicotine replacement therapy, because it feeds more nicotine into our bodies. The good thing is we can control that intake, but we should take care that we do not get addicted to NRT.

Even after quitting we must support our bodies and rid our selves from the poison as quickly and effectively as possible.

The dualistic effect of Nicotine :( Feel good vs Toxic and Addiction)

Nicotine has this characteristic that makes you feel good and happy, but it is toxic and it has the ability to take over and control your whole being.

You start smoking, and after a day or two you really start to enjoy it. This is because nicotine has the ability to lift the levels of dopamine in your brain.

Increasing the level of dopamine makes you feel good. As soon as the level drops you want to feel good again, and then you light another cigarette to allow more nicotine into the body.

Now you have a way of controlling your “feeling good” ability, but now you are addicted, and now you are feeding yourself with poisonous nicotine. We really do battle to break this addiction, but it can be done.

Eventually we have to see that the body does get a proper nicotine detox by using a proper body cleansing product. Different products are available that simultaneously help you to quit smoking and cleanse the body, as well.

Lung and nicotine detox:

Not only do we have to rid our bodies from poisonous nicotine once we quit smoking. We also have to clean our bodies from the toxic tar and chemicals that are deposited into the system by the smoke itself.

It is very important to clean and heal our lungs as soon and as proper as possible.

To Conclude:

I think that we should realize that the first step in the process of doing a detox nicotine is always to quit the smoking habit.

After quitting we then have to detoxify by drinking much water, eating healthy fruit and vegetables, plenty exercising and by the use of natural products to cleanse the body.

If we cleanse the body we prevent the slow dying.

More nicotine detox:

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