Use Nicorette spray to experience fast relief

Nicorette spray is used as a nicotine replacement therapy to stop smoking. It is a nasal spray.

Controlled doses of nicotine are sprayed into the nostrils.

It is quickly transmitted into the body via linings in the nose.

The spray gives quick relief and it is suggested to use when you suffer uncontrolled and irregular cravings. In these instances it is much better than the patch which delivers nicotine continuously for a specific period of time.

The spray is used to help smokers quitting the smoking habit by controlling the urge to smoke.

It could ease the quitting process if you follow a program of support or counseling or behavioral change while using Nicorette nasal spray to quit smoking.

My cousin had a friend called Strippie. He moved to England and the first thing he did was to quit smoking. He bought the Nicorette nasal spray and he stopped within a couple of months.

Strippie is very outspoken and he said the following: “When I used the spray the first time it was snot and tears, but after a couple of weeks it was smiles and freedom”.

How to use Nicorette spray:

I think it is important to mention that the enclosed literature should be well studied before you use the product.

Interesting, but also very helpful reviews are available whereby people did not read the instructions properly. They then administered the NRT product in the wrong manner.

Using in the wrong manner leads to unnecessary suffering and one should try to avoid it. Some people were decent and very helpful in warning us against mistakes of the past.  I think we should take extra care.

Nicorette nasal spray is in liquid form to spray into the nose.

The Nicorette nasal spray is used to control and relief nicotine cravings during the first eight weeks after you have stopped smoking.

The amount of spray will be determined by the amount of smokes you use per day. The spray intake is controlled by the frequency of use as well as the number of sprays per instance.

One can use the Nicorette nasal spray whenever you crave for a cigarette, but not more than 64 times per day. 

Prime the nicotine spray before you use it the first time. Point it away from yourself, pets or other people.

Put the tip of the nozzle in a nostril and point to the back of the nose. It should be pressed firmly and quickly then you must release it. Repeat for the other nostril, as well.

Replace the protective cap after it has been used.

The Nicorette nasal spray can be used twice per hour for each nostril, but not more than 32 times per day per nostril.

You must try to reduce the amount of sprays per day in order to wean you off your nicotine dependence.

Treatment must not be kept on for longer than 3 months.

Use the Nicorette nasal spray as required for the first 2 months. Reduce usage during week 9 and 10.

During week 11 and 12, you should half your usual number of sprays and it should be zeroed on the last day of the course.

If a person needs to use the Nicorette spray for longer than 3 months, he/she must seek help from a doctor.

Facts worth mentioning:

The Nicorette spray is provided in a small container that is easy to carry with you.

You can use the spray when you need it, and it is easy to handle for fast relief from nicotine cravings.

Some cautioning facts:

  • Initially using of the Nicorette spray can cause irritation of the nose, sneezing and eyes that water. Care should be taken not to drive a car or operate any machines when you suffer some of these reactions.
  • The Nicorette spray can be habit forming. It is important not to use it for longer, or use larger quantities, than prescribed.
  • One has to read all information that is provided with the medicine.
  • The spray is not to be used by children younger than 12 years of age or by non smokers.
  • The nasal spray should not be left within possible reach of children, because the amount of nicotine per spray is toxic to smaller children.
  • If you experience a worsening nasal condition, you should stop using the spray and consult a doctor before using it again.
  • It is better to immediately stop smoking when you start using the spray in order to prevent nicotine overdose.
  • It will be best not to use spray while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  •  Do not lie down or tip your head backwards for at least ten minutes after you have used it. If you do the nasal spray can leave a nasty taste in the back of your throat. 

 Possible side effects:


Awareness of your heartbeat (palpitations).

Mouth ulcers.

Abdominal discomfort.

Nausea and vomiting. Dizziness.

Headache. Cough.


Runny nose.

Watering eyes.

Previews about the Nicorette nasal spray:

One ex smoker said the following;

I love it because it quickly delivers a dose of nicotine when required.

It will make your eyes water and give you a burning/tingling feeling, but once you are over it it is a no nonsense and easy product for quit smoking.

Even if you do not want to quit completely this is a fantastic stop smoking product to use. It is very handy at places like pubs and on journeys where you are not allowed to smoke.

Packaging is attractive, small and easy to take with you wherever you go.

This is a powerful form of replacement therapy, especially for those with low willpower. It gives you a full hit of nicotine whenever you need it.

Be warned the Nicorette spray can be addictive.

Another quitter said;

He called it a perfect and brilliant nicotine replacement product. It is a wonderful product though it takes time to get used to it. It is imperative to study the directions to the letter. Do not deviate from the prescribed doses of nasal spray to be used.

She said sometimes she felt very miserable and she thought she was going to be a smoker until she dies. Then she tried Nicorette spray and now she is an ex smoker.

She mentioned the following pros--- It works fast and effective and it reliefs withdrawal symptoms. It is small and easy to use in a very discreet manner. It is handy to use if you go on a long plain trip.

She mentioned the following cons—it causes sneezing and watering of the eyes. Sometimes if you sniff you get an unpleasant taste of the spray in the back of your throat.

In a conclusion:

Remember what Strippie said about the Nicorette spray.

He said when he started using the NRT product it was tears and nose running when sprayed into his nose. After a couple of weeks it was smiles and a smoke free life.

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