Use the Nicorette inhalator to
wean you off smoking

The  Nicorette inhalator is used to assist you with the physical withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit smoking.

 It eases the physical symptoms while it gradually weans you off your nicotine addiction.

The best is to use the inhaler to quit smoking, but it could be used to reduce your nicotine intake. If you want to carry on with your nicotine intake, then this way is not so toxic.  The problem with this is that you just change your habit, and you do not free yourself of the addiction.

How does the inhaler work?

The inhaler is very effective, and mostly people are satisfied and happy with the results that are obtained.

The product looks like a cigarette, and it is made of plastic. You can hold it just like a cigarette, and you can puff on it when you feel like smoking.

The inhaler has a mouthpiece from witch you can puff. A vapor that contains nicotine is released by the cartridge inside the inhaler. This vapor is quickly absorbed into the body via the mouth and throat.

How to use the Nicorette inhalator:

As soon as you start using the inhaler you must stop smoking. The device should be used over a period of three months. Use it when you feel the urge to smoke.

During the first eight weeks, you should use 6 to 12 cartridges per day.

During week 9 to 10, you should reduce the number of cartridges by half, and then during week 11, and 12 you should completely stop using the cartridges.

By now you should be able to live a smoke free life.

Facts worth mentioning about the inhaler:

  • The non smoking device provides a much safer alternative to smokers as well as non smokers surrounding them. When a person uses the inhaler, no passive smoking will take place.
  • The inhaler is a bit cheaper than Nicorette gum, and it is also preferred to use when you have denture problems.
  • As is required from a good quit smoking product the Inhaler can be stored in a small case with some refills that are compact and easy to take with you. Whenever you get a craving you can immediately get access and use the device.
  • Many people have testified that with the inhaler at hand they do not suffer any more panic attacks when they do not have cigarettes and the cravings start.
  • The inhaler is an effective device to help you keep your hands busy while busy with the quitting process.

Possible side effects:

When using the nicorette inhalator you can get some side effects, but normally, not to serious.

Typical side effects are coughing, headaches, indigestion, nausea, mouth and throat irritations, as well as a runny nose.

Words of caution about the Nicorette inhalator:

  • Consult a doctor if you are pregnant, are breastfeeding, have heart conditions or if you are taking other medicines.
  • Some people say that they would like the inhaler to be a bit thinner, because it would be easier to hold.
  • You can use the inhaler whenever you get the urge to smoke, but you must never exceed 12 per day.
  • If you have problems with your lungs it could be difficult to use the inhaler.
  • You should carefully read and adhere to all labels and prescriptions that are provided with the inhaler.
  • It will be best to use the device together with a product that can help with the mental withdrawal, as well.

To Conclude:

Educate yourself, get support and quit smoking advice and then use the Nicorette inhalator to free yourself from the nicotine addiction.

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