Use  Nicoderm CQ patches  to beat nicotine addiction

Use Nicoderm CQ patches to control the nicotine addiction.

The  patches help you to stop smoking by gradually reducing your cravings for nicotine.

 A small amount of nicotine is contained in each nicotine patch.

When a person wears the patch a reduced amount of nicotine is steadily released through your skin and into your bloodstream.

This is a nicotine replacement product. A gradual step-down process is followed whereby lesser and lesser nicotine is released into the body.

This is done by the using of patches with different strength.

How does the Nicoderm cq patch work?

The Nicoderm patch is a form of therapeutic nicotine. Nicotine is provided into your system in a controlled manner, and the withdrawal effects are greatly ameliorated.

A patented technology called smart control is used to regulate the release of nicotine into the body.

When using the patch with a stop smoking support system your changes to quit successfully is greatly improved. A behavioral support system called committed quitters is made available to you once the product is purchased.

Committed quitters are a multi week plan. It is a free plan that is designed to help each individual at best. A stop smoking plan is worked out for your specific needs.

Free tips, and support is made available to help you along the way.

Facts worth mentioning about the Nicoderm patch:

It comes without the harmful carcinogens contained in cigarettes, and the body is gradually weaned off the nicotine addiction.

The success rate of Committed Quitters has been clinically proven. With Nicoderm, the success rate has improved with 28% when used together with the behavioral support system

How to use the Nicoderm  patches:

Nicoderm is utilized via a three step program. Depending on the amount of cigarettes you smoke per day you start with a higher dose.

You then work it gradually down with smaller doses over a period of time until you are freed from the nicotine addiction.

If you smoke more than ten cigarettes per day---

  • Use 10 week therapy.

  • Step 1 use the 21 mg patch for 6 weeks.

  • Nicoderm patch step 2 use the 14 mg Nicoderm patch for 2 weeks.

  • Step 3 uses the 7 mg Nicoderm patch 2 weeks.

If you smoke 10 cigarette or less per day---

  • Use 8 week therapy.
  • Step 1 must be skipped.
  • Nicoderm patch step 2 use middle strength Nicoderm CQ patches for 2 weeks.
  • Step 3 use 7 mg Nicoderm patch for 2 weeks.

Facts worth mentioning about the Nicoderm patches:

  • The correct Nicoderm patch dose must be used to ensure proper results.
  • The Nicoderm patch price is fair and competes well with other similar quit smoking products.
  • We must correctly follow the Nicoderm patch instructions to ensure proper results.

Nicoderm CQ patch side effects:

Some serious side effects are weakness and dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fast heartbeats, stinging or burning and other irritation in the nose, throat and mouth.

Bleeding nose and bronchospasm can also be experienced.

These are serious side effects and a doctor should be seen if it occurs to you.

In a conclusion:

Nicoderm patches are used very effectively gradual to wean you off the smoking habit.

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