Use Nicobloc to stop within six weeks

You can use Nicobloc to gradually stop smoking.

Drip the liquid on the filter of your cigarette. This action lets you reduce and stop the use of cigarettes at a controlled pace.

If you use the fluid  you will slowly wean off the body’s nicotine dependency with minimum withdrawal symptoms.

How  does natural Nicobloc work?

When the fluid is dropped on to the filter of the cigarette harmful tar and nicotine are collected into the filter.

It is possible to wean you off cigarettes and quitting smoking can be achieved within six weeks.

How to use Nicobloc

It is not necessary to stop smoking at day one and you can keep on smoking the brand of cigarettes you are used to.

During the first week you apply one drop of the fluid to the filter of each cigarette before you smoke.

Up to 33% of the tar and nicotine that you normally inhale are blocked, and you slowly start to wean you off the nicotine addiction.

During week two  you apply two drops of fluid per cigarette and the amount of nicotine and tar is reduced with 66%.

From week three and on wards you will apply three drops of the natural stop smoking aid per cigarette before you smoke. This will block 99% of the nicotine and tar intake.

This is why it is known as Nico bloc 99.

While using the natural remedy you also slowly reduce the number of cigarettes you are smoking. This helps you also to break the physical habit of smoking.

Normally it takes six weeks to rid you of the nicotine addiction and completely stop smoking.

When using the fluid it is important to light the cigarette and at first take a strong draw. This is to ensure that the blocking of nicotine and tar will be more efficient.

After the first draw, the cigarette can be smoked as normal.

Advantages associated with Nocobloc:

  • There is an introductory offer where by you get the first 2 weeks free when you order a 6-week supply.
  • You do not have to stop suddenly.
  • Nicotine that enters your body is reduced, and the body is slowly recovering from the toxins that has been inserted into your system. 
  • The amount of tar that enters the body is reduced to a minimum.
  • This is an all natural product and no unwanted chemicals will be allowed to enter your body.
  • Withdrawal symptoms are reduced.
  • It is possible to quit smoking in a short time span.
  • The good thing is that you do not have to quit smoking within a specific time span. You choose and very slowly and gradually quit smoking as you prefer.

To conclude:

Follow the instructions and apply the natural stop smoking aid as prescribed, and you can wean you off cigarettes within six weeks.

Remember each smoker is allowed comfortably to stop at his/her own pace.

The natural quit smoking product  ensures that no withdrawal symptoms are experienced and no sudden change in lifestyle and behavior patterns are required.

More products that are used to block tar and nicotine:

NICSTOP Duo Double Filters;

 Fit it over a standard size cigarette. The two stage filtration system will reduce tar and the intake of nicotine.

The filters are great and  easy to use.

Nic-Block Disposable Cigarette Filters;

Nic-Block reduces the tar and other toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke.  You can see the tar and nicotine that stick to the clear plastic filter when smoking.

The filters work well.

TarTrap Disposable Cigarette Filters;

You can buy Tar Trap over and over. It works well and it will not let you down.

It traps a lot of tar and toxic nicotine. A definite help for COPD.

Nic Out Filters For Cigarette Smokers;

The filters collect a lot of tar that would otherwise be entering the lungs. A good stream of “cleaner smoke” still enters the body and it keeps it’s flavor.

The filters work and it can help you to quit smoking as well.

Cut-Nic Disposable Cigarette Filters;

This disposable filter is of high quality. This is a clear filter and you can see it working from your first cigarette.

Four holes in the bottom of the filter capture the tar, but you can still enjoy the smoke.

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