Nicoban's herbal formulas to quit smoking within seven days

Nicoban is a complete natural quit smoking product.

It is a quit smoking program that uses a combination of herbal plants helping you to stop within seven days.

You can call it a nicotine rehab program because the herbal ingredients rid the body of nicotine.

It also helps the body to recover and become healthy again.

The stop smoking product works with four different formulas in order to ensure successful quitting.

FORMULA A to D is used to clean the body, help with withdrawal symptoms and also assist with breaking the physical habit.


This formula helps you to cope with withdrawal symptoms by using the following natural herbs to stop smoking:

Passion Flower is used to relieve insomnia, tension and anxiety.

Ginseng helps to combat physical and emotional stress.

Sarsaparilla controls weight gain.

Bayberry roots are good to prevent infections under stress conditions.

Echinacea strengthens the immune system and it also helps the body fighting cravings.


The nicotine that is still present in your body triggers your body to crave for more. Formula B is used to “flush” nicotine from your body, in a very short time. You will experience no nicotine cravings.

The following herbs are used --

Burdock root removes nicotine deposits from your body.

Goldenseal root cleans the digestive system of tobacco and nicotine.

Kelp is used to clean the body from and to protect it against toxic heavy metals.

Hyssop cleans the lungs.


This is a combination of formulas A and B and helps to prevent the possibility of falling back into your old smoking habit.


This is the aroma therapy remedy. It helps you to overcome the physical habit of smoking. There are aromatic substances and fragrances that help with sensory stimulation replacing the urge to smoke that will come up at several instances on your way to quit.

When the urge comes you can take the bottle and put a drop on your temples or on the bridge of your nose. Some people like to put a drop in the palm of their hands.

They then rub their hands together and breathe in the fumes, which smell much better than a smoke.

A drop of the liquid can also be massaged right under the nose. -This is also a way to keep the hands busy when the urge is there to light just one more cigarette.

Facts worth mentioning about Nicoban:

  • You will experience no withdrawal symptoms and negative side effects.
  • A three year success rate of more than 90% is claimed.
  • All natural ingredients are used. (People more and more tend to use one or other type of herb to stop smoking.)
  • It is claimed that this quit smoking product works so well that a no risk money back guarantee is offered.
  • Interesting Nicoban reviews are to be seen at Amazon.

Stop smoking naturally can become a reality for any want to quitter. It is easy to use because of the intelligent manner in which the natural ingredients are combined. 

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