Natra bio to stop nicotine cravings

Natra bio  to rid your body of toxins caused by smoking works with two seperate products.

It helps to reduce nicotine craving, and it also helps to rid your body of toxins that built up in your system over the years that you were smoking.

Stop-it Smoking helps to ease the quit smoking process.

Anti-craving lozenges and smoking detoxification tablets are used to work together against the nicotine addiction.

How does the quit smoking kit work?

The kit includes 48 anti-craving lozenges and 60 stop smoking tablets.

The lozenges reduce the cravings for tobacco, and it also helps temporarily to relieve the irritability and tension due to a reduced intake of nicotine.

The smoking detoxifying tablets reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms and nervous tension when quitting. Natrabio also helps to detoxify the body after tobacco use.

How to use the quit smoking kit:

It is recommended that you decide on a quitting day. You throw away your cigarettes and then you open the kit and immediately start using it.

If you find it unbearable to immediate stop the smoking habit you can start using the kit. Then slowly cut down on the number of cigarettes you use each day.

This way of weaning you off the cigarettes is possible because the kit is nicotine free, and no danger of any nicotine overdose exists.

During month one dissolve one lozenge every 1 – 2 hours and chew 2 smoking detox tablets 4 times daily.

During month two dissolve one lozenge every 2 – 4 hours and chew 2 smoking detox tablets 3 times daily.

During month three dissolve one lozenge every 4 hours or as needed, and chew one  tablet three times daily.

It is important to dissolve the lozenge slowly and completely.

Facts worth mentioning about Natra Bio

The kit is tamper resistant blister packaged and should not be used if seals are open or torn.

  • The detoxifying tablets and the anti-craving lozenge compliments each other and a multilevel approach are used to break the nicotine addiction.
  • The products used are manufactured in compliance with FDA guidelines.

Words of caution about the natra bio quit smoking kit:

  • Natra bio should be kept out of reach of children.
  • If any symptoms such as cough or allergies develop it is best to stop and consult a doctor before start using it gain.               
  • The quit smoking kit must not be used when pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • The quit smoking kit must be stored at room temperature. (Between 56 and 80°F)

In a conclusion:

It is an effective natural aid to quit immediately, or to wean you off cigarettes, or just reduce your cigarette intake.

Using the quit smoking kit in the long run can be expensive, but it is still worth it. Even if you can only reduce your intake with 50%.

Getting rid of the “monkey” is still the best thing to do.

Go to Natra-Bio quit smoking. 

› Natrabio.

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