Native herbal remedies to help you stop smoking

Native herbal remedies Stop Smoking Ultra pack works with a combination of different herbal products.

A formulation of drops and tablets are used to help a want to quitter to cope physical and psychological with the quitting process. The quit smoking herbal Ultrapack includes Rx-Hale tablets, Crave-Rx Drops and Triple Complex NicoTonic Tablets.

In order to get best results it is the better use these products together. When used the herbal products together they compliment each other, and the best results will be obtained during nicotine withdrawal.

Main benefits gained from each individual stop smoking herbal product:

  • Rx-Hale tablets are used to help the nervous system and the brain during withdrawal.
  • Crave-Rx Drops helps with mood swings and overall well-being while in the quit smoking process.
  • Triple Complex NicoTonic Tablets is a Homeopathic medicine that helps with restlessness, tension and irritability while trying to stop smoking.

Easy steps for using herbs to quit smoking:

Step 1-- Prepare to stop.

Set a quit date and start taking Rx-Hale tablets four weeks before the stopping date.

This is to prevent depression and anxiety.

Step 2—Break the Habit with the herbs to quit smoking. (Four weeks)

Now is the time to quit and start using the Crave-Rx Drops to help reduce cravings and control your appetite. Using of the Rx-Hale tablets should also be maintained.

During this quitting phase, it is recommended to start taking Triple Complex NicoTonic Tablets as soon as a person start experiencing mood swings and irritability. These herbs to quit smoking tablets help with restlessness and irritation.

Step 3—staying smoke free.

You are an ex smoker now, and physical addiction to the majority of the substances has been beaten.

It is essential to keep using these herbs to quit smoking for at least three months to overcome the psychological addiction.

Positives associated with the quit smoking program:

  • One year money back guarantee is offered.
  • This is an all natural quit smoking program and no weight gain will be experienced...
  • The herbal and homeopathic ingredients ensure maximum support and minimum side effects.
  • No nicotine is included in this stop smoking program.
  • A free asks Our Experts service is available to get answers from a team of herbalists, naturopaths and homeopaths.
  • A free “No More Smoking “program is included for additional support.

Words of caution about the Native herbal  remedies:

  • Safe usage of the product during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been determined.
  • For some people, these herbs to quit smoking program may be a bit too long.
  • Not to use with anti-depressant medication.

To Conclude:

Using the native herbal remedies products together creates a synergy which makes the three session program highly effective.

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