Laser to stop smoking to reduce nicotine cravings

Use laser to stop smoking by applying a cold laser light.

It suppresses nicotine cravings. It works on the same principles as acupuncture, but no needles are used.

Laser pulses are applied which stimulate the brain and endorphins are produced. The releasing of endorphins relieves stress that is associated with quit smoking. The quitting process becomes easier because the physical cravings and stress are largely reduced.

This laser therapy is also referred to as laser acupuncture or Low Level Laser Acupuncture. (LLLA) The device that is used is a kind of laser pen that is placed on specific points on your body. It then releases the required endorphins.

How laser to stop smoking works:

Depending on the level of addiction a smoker may require as many as 5 short laser treatment sessions to keep them from wanting to smoke. One session takes about 30 minutes.

Most smokers only require 2 to 3 sessions successfully to overcome the smoking addiction.

When smoking the endorphin levels in your body is raised to make you feel relaxed, calm and satisfied. When time passes by the endorphin levels drop again and you start craving for cigarettes again until you light a new smoke again.

This is a vicious and never ending process that carries on, and it becomes nearly impossible to break this circle. Laser treatment can release the same endorphins that you get through nicotine.

When applying LLLT at different stimulating points on the body it is used to target your nicotine cravings. The therapy is furthermore used to control your urge to eat as well as reducing stress levels that are associated with the quitting process.

The points that healing laser clinics normally work on are on the ears, nose, hands, wrist and forearm. Normally this treatment leaves you with a general feeling of well being and changes are that you will sleep much better during the first couple of nights after the treatment.

Facts worth mentioning about quit smoking laser:

  • LLLT has been used for many years in Europe, and Canada and laser treatment clinics claim a success rate of more than 80%.
  • This laser therapy is completely safe and painless, and it has little or no side effects.
  • This is a fast acting non-medical treatment, and you do not have to take any medicines.

  • Most clinics that apply the laser to stop smoking therapy do have a 24 hour hot line available for quitters to use when support is needed. They do assist you with your lifestyle change when you quit smoking.

Words of caution about laser to stop smoking:

  • The laser treatment is not a recognized medical treatment and health insurance does not cover its cost.
  • Pregnant women and people suffering from cancer or epilepsy should not use this therapy.
  • It will always be better consulting your doctor to determine whether the laser therapy will be suitable for you.
  • When considering the amount of time spend per treatment session the process is quite expensive, but the high percentage of success makes it worth the effort.
  • This LLLT is not approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation treatment, but it is recognized as a pain relief treatment.

To conclude:

It is possible that the laser to stop smoking therapy has not officially been established, but long years of treatment especially in Europe, proofed to be quite successful.

With the high success rate claimed by different laser clinics, it is worth a try.

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