Study different quitting smoking options to be free

Study quitting smoking options and take action. Study and apply. 

Quitting smoking is a process that takes a lot of effort. Most want to quitters try at least three times before they succeed.

Your quitting effort will be like a baby who is starting to walk for the first time in his life. You will fall, but then you must get up again.

Maybe you will fall again and may be again and even more times. If you keep on and keep on trying you will succeed.

Try and try again you will become strong, you will become more skillful..."
Being scared of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms is normal...It is the repetition that beats the fear.

Why I wanted to stop smoking:

I am a heavy coffee drinker. First thing in the morning when I wake up I make myself a cup of coffee. While I were smoking it did not work like that, when I woke up in the morning and even at night,I used to light my pipe.

I had this monkey on my back. I have been addicted to nicotine, I thought I could never stop and I hated it.

My health slowly started to deteriorate.

Smoking was not cheap anymore. It really cost me a lot of money to keep on destroying my health. My wife was so worried about me I realized I had to stop.

I were not free anymore, my life was controlled by my nicotine addiction.

There was only one solution. I had to stop and so I did.

What to do to quitting smoking:

To stop smoking you have to take a pill or chew a gum or suck a lozenge or stick a patch.

It is also possible to inhale using an inhaler or to spray into the nose or mouth to control nicotine cravings.

May be you want to read a stop smoking book, or use hypnosis, take an injection, or even go cold turkey. You could also consider acupuncture.

Combining some of the methods can ease the stop smoking effort.

You must just take action.

We should remember though that stop smoking is not a quick sprint.

It is more like taking part in a longer marathon. There will be up and down moments. Some times you want to give up.

Some times there will be a fresh breeze and it will be much easier.

I have been there and many ex smokers were there. When the marathon is over you realize it was not impossible.

How can quitting smoking be made easy?

Find the method that is suitable for you. The right method and the right attitude will largely reduce the fear of withdrawal.

Remember the fear of withdrawal can be beaten. Try and if you fail try again.

 Eventually you will succeed and with every effort you will learn. You will get use to it. The fear of withdrawal will be reduced.

Keep on trying and you will succeed.

I have done it. Many others have done it and so can you.

Then what happens?

Then you will be free again. Your body will heal. You can walk tall again. Your slavery will be over.

You shall not pollute the air anymore and you will save much money.

It is so good to throw away the burden.

The only matter is to find the right stop smoking product:

We should remember that the average person that manage to quit smoking only succeed after the third effort.

Once you find the method that suits you it becomes a breeze.

I struggled through a couple of efforts until I found the right one and then it was success.

We need to look at all the different quitting options:

Well the one big concern is the cost.

Quitting smoking can be free or it can require some cost.

The cost is determined by the type of quit smoking product and the frequency of use.

The price for a proper quit smoking product could vary from as little as ten dollar up to one hundred dollar or more.

Free stop smoking products:

Take out a book in the library and quit. This is what I have done and it worked.

The book I used to quit is at present available in a number of bookshops.

Another way to stop is to just go cold turkey.

Then there are the all different quitting smoking methods that cost some bugs:

Some quit smoking products are very reasonable priced. Some can be expensive, but if you can have success you will save a lot of money over time.

We can class these quit smoking methods in different categories:

Natural stop smoking;

These methods include herbal quit smoking products that are made available in a number of tinctures, potions, pills, sprays and powders.

Click on the pictures below to go to specific herbal products.

Different forms of hypnotherapy and other natural products are  also available.

Nicotine Replacement;

With nicotine replacement products, nicotine is slowly released into your system.

This is done over a relative long period in time, while the amount of nicotine that is relieved into your system is gradually reduced.

Stop smoking products;

Many of these quitting smoking products are scientifically designed to help you to conquer the withdrawal symptoms.

Quit smoking drugs like the well known Zyban And Champix are included in this group.

Quit Smoking Books;

Stop smoking books are relative cheap, easy to find, informative and easy to use in the comfort of your own home.

The primary and secondary function of your quit smoking efforts:

The primary function of each quit smoking effort is to free yourself from nicotine.

The all important secondary function is to learn to cope with the fear of withdrawal.

When quitting smoking there will be withdrawal symptoms and there will be failures. Many successful millionaires failed at least once before they got rich.

About all want to quitters fail three or more times before they have success. This is a fact we have to accept. Only then shall we have success. Try and try again until you succeed.

I worked through more than three quitting efforts. Every time I tried and failed I gained one positive fact. I became more skillful.

Try and try again you will become strong, you will become more skillful.

Then you will succeed.

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